Zoho Developer Hangout (ZDH) - Episode 7 | Infusing Custom AI Functions into Zoho CRM

Zoho Developer Hangout (ZDH) - Episode 7 | Infusing Custom AI Functions into Zoho CRM

We're delighted to bring you another exciting episode of the Zoho Developer Hangout series, where our community engages in a lively discussion on the trending topic - Using ChatGPT in Zoho CRM.

In this episode, Dr. Joseph Sweeney, presents how his firm IBRS, an Australian boutique research company, has embedded OpenAI capabilities into its Zoho CRM processes. He discusses surprising examples of how AI can significantly boost staff productivity and improve the quality of information stored in the CRM, and reveals the Deluge coding patterns he uses for accessing OpenAI, and tips to get the most out of AI with minimal cost.

About Dr. Joseph Sweeney:

Doc Joe is a seasoned visionary with over 30 years of experience at the forefront of technological evolution. As a Global Research Director and Advisor at IBRS, he guides organizations through seamless transitions to innovative workplace models, offering actionable insights for a future he's scientifically adept at navigating. He has been a long time Zoho Power User and a Zoho MVP. His invaluable contributions to the community continue to help the members adopt Zoho more efficiently for their businesses. He has also been helping the Sydney Zoho User Group grow for a few years now.

Check out the ZDH 7 recording below -

If you have a compelling use case that you're proud of implementing, and eager to share with the developer community, send us an email at  developer(hyphen)community(at)zohocorp(dot)com ,  so we can set you up for a session.

ZDH is a Zoho Developer Community learning initiative that aims to facilitate a platform for developers to share their expertise and learn from each other. The monthly virtual meetings are designed to help developers solve real-time business problems by leveraging Deluge and other programming languages. Notably, these sessions are presented by our esteemed Zoho Community members themselves, along with our team of product experts. This format offers community members the chance to engage in interactive discussions, share their own experiences, and gain valuable insights into innovative problem-solving strategies employed by their peers. 

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