Zoho Docs will be discontinued soon. Migrate to WorkDrive now!

Zoho Docs will be discontinued soon. Migrate to WorkDrive now!

Update: Zoho Docs access extended until March 15, 2023. Check out this latest announcement post for details.

Since the release of WorkDrive in 2019, we have been moving customers from Docs to WorkDrive. We have taken the below steps in the last couple of years:
  • Replaced Docs with WorkDrive for new users in Zoho One and Workplace bundles, and enabled the migration tool for existing Docs users
  • Redirected new Docs org signups to WorkDrive
  • Enabled the migration tool for standalone Zoho Docs users on a request basis
As a result, many customers have migrated from Docs to WorkDrive.

We are going to completely stop support for Zoho Docs on 15th March 2023. Post this date, users can no longer access their Docs account.

Migrate to WorkDrive now!

We will make the following changes in the next few days:
  1. The migration tool will be enabled for all Docs users including both organizations and individuals and they can do the migration by themselves.

  2. All visitors to the Docs website will soon be redirected to the WorkDrive website.

  3. We will stop new sign-ups to Zoho Docs for personal users.

Which plans support the migration from Docs to WorkDrive?
Migration will be supported for all plans of WorkDrive. This includes:
  • Free, Standard, and Premium plans of Docs for both organizations and individuals
  • Docs as part of the Zoho One bundle
  • Docs as part of the Workplace bundle

    Note: For Workplace users, the migration tool is available in Zoho Mail's Control Panel.
How are Docs plans mapped with WorkDrive plans?
For organizations
  • Docs Standard Plan = WorkDrive Team Plan
  • Docs Premium Plan = WorkDrive Business Plan
  • Docs Free Plan = WorkDrive Essentials Plan
For individuals
  • Docs Free Individual plan = WorkDrive Free Individual Plan

Read the help articles below for all the details and steps you need to migrate from Zoho Docs to WorkDrive for various plans.

Migration for Organizations

For paid Docs organizations
  • Paid Docs org with no WorkDrive account
  • Paid Docs org with WorkDrive trial
  • Paid Docs org with paid WorkDrive team
  • Paid Docs org with free Essentials plan in WorkDrive
    • Essentials plan created via integration
    • Essentials plan created by downgrading a paid WorkDrive plan

For free Docs organizations
  • Free Docs org with no WorkDrive account
  • Free Docs org with WorkDrive trial
  • Free Docs org with paid WorkDrive team
  • Free Docs org with free Essentials plan in WorkDrive
    • Essentials plan created via integration
    • Essentials plan created by downgrading a paid WorkDrive plan

Migration for Individuals

  • Free individual user with no WorkDrive account
  • Free individual user with existing WorkDrive account

Add your comments below or contact us at support@zohoworkdrive.com if you have any questions.

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                                          • Zoho Docs EOL extended to March 15, 2023. Migrate to WorkDrive now!

                                            Update: Zoho Docs access will be blocked for all users. Read this official post to know more. Most Zoho Docs individual and org users (including Workplace and Zoho One users) have already migrated their data and users to Zoho WorkDrive in response to
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