Zoho Expense: Product Updates - April 2022

Zoho Expense: Product Updates - April 2022

Hello customers,

We're back again with what's new in Zoho Expense. While we were in the works of enhancing your expense management process, we came up with a slew of new features this month. Do check them out and try them for your organization.

Standard Plan for All Editions

In addition to the India edition and a few countries in the Global edition, we are now introducing the Standard pricing plan for all editions. Few of the features available in the Standard plan include receipt autoscanning, corporate card reconciliation, cash advance management, and more.

Microsoft Edge Extension for Zoho Expense

If you use the Microsoft Edge browser to access the internet, you can now clip and send receipts directly to Zoho Expense from its web pages. Download the extension and simply add receipts for autoscan by cropping and uploading the receipts from the web pages. Also, click the extension to view the status of the uploaded receipts. Besides these options, you can also right-click on a receipt image and send it to Zoho Expense for autoscan, at once.

Delegate Permissions for New Roles

When you create a new user role in Zoho Expense, you can now customize the delegate permissions for that role. You can configure if the users associated with the role can appoint delegates to submit records or to approve records or both. Disable both the permissions if you do not want a user with that role to appoint delegates. The default roles, Admin and Approver, will have both these permissions enabled by default. However, the Submitter role will only have the submit records permission. If you've created custom roles, you can edit those roles and configure delegate permissions based on your preference.

To configure delegate permissions for a role: Go to Admin View > Settings > Roles & Permissions > + New Role > configure the permissions > Save.

Update Custom Status in Bulk for Advances

With this update, you no longer have to update custom statuses one after another for advances. If custom statuses are configured for your organization, you can simply update the advances with the custom status in bulk. You can update custom statuses in both Admin View and My View. Additionally, for Trips and Reports, you can now update custom status in bulk in the All filter and custom views.

To update custom status in My View: Go to Approvals > Advances > select the records for which you want to update the status > Change status > select the status.

To update custom status in Admin View: Go to Admin View > Advances > select the records for which you want to update the status > Change status > select the status.

New Filter In the Advanced Search of Reports

If you wanted to find a particular report based on a specific criterion, you would perform an advanced search. Now, we have introduced a new filter, Policy, using which you can search and find reports based on the associated policy. For example, if you'd like to view a report that you had created for an international business meeting, you can simply select the policy under which you record international business expenses and click search to filter out the reports.

To do an advanced search: Click the Search icon dropdown in the top bar > Advanced Search > select a policy in Policy filter > click Search.

Try these features and let us know what you think in the comments below. If you have any questions, please write to support@zohoexpense.com and we will be happy to help you.

The Zoho Expense Team

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