Zoho Expense: Product Updates for April - June 2020

Zoho Expense: Product Updates for April - June 2020

Hello all,

We're back with our quarterly update of features added to Zoho Expense. We hope all of you are staying safe. Without further ado, let's run through the notable features developed in the past three months and show how these features can benefit your business.

Advanced Autoscan

We have made significant enhancements to the autoscan feature by refining its Optical Character Recognition (OCR). The enhanced autoscan extracts line items and data from the expense receipts you upload, with increased accuracy and faster processing time. Also, Zoho Expense now reads receipts in ten new languages (Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, French, German, Danish, Chinese, and Norwegian Bokmål).

Mapping Taxes with QuickBooks Desktop (Canada Edition)

If you are using QuickBooks Desktop and the Canada edition of Zoho Expense, this feature is for you. You can now map the taxes that were created in Zoho Expense with the corresponding taxes in QuickBooks Desktop. When taxable expenses are exported from Zoho Expense to QuickBooks Desktop, the corresponding tax in QuickBooks Desktop will be automatically applied to them.

Split Expenses (Saudi Arabia Edition)

Multiple expenses consolidated under a single bill can be split according to category, date, amount, or expense fields, and recorded as individual expenses. This will help comply with company expense policies where each category has a spend limit. The number of expenses created will depend upon the number of splits you choose to make.

Let's say you want to record the expenses incurred on your business trip. But, the lodging bill includes the restaurant charges as well. However, your expense policy mandates that you record these two expenses separately as the expense limits for them are different. In that case, you can split the expense by category. Two separate expenses will be created — one for lodging and another for dining — complying with your company's policy. 

Cancel and reschedule trips using the mobile app

If your business trip gets cancelled or postponed for any reason, you can cancel or reschedule the trips with a single tap from your mobile phone. Your trip itinerary will be updated accordingly. 

              Android App                                                                                iOS App

iOS App Updates

The Zoho Expense iPadOS and iOS apps have been enhanced with the following updates:

1) iPad users (iPadOS 13.4 and above) can now use the new magic trackpad or mouse to:
Expand and collapse sidebar: Expand the sidebar as you hover and collapse it as you move the cursor away.
Quickly create transactions: Hover the cursor over the Quick Create button in a module, to open the transaction creation screen.
View reasons for rejection: Hover over the status of a rejected transaction to view the reason for rejection.

2) Add all expenses at once: You can use the Select All button and add all the expenses to a report in one go.

3) Resolve violations: Resolve the violations highlighted in your expense reports and stay compliant with your company's policy. The violations that block you from submitting a report and the violations that appear as warnings are clearly listed in your report details.

4) Look up custom modules: You can now look up lists in the custom modules you've created, by adding a lookup custom field.

5) View transactions awaiting your approval: Approvers can now view the trips and reports that are pending their approval from the newly designed dashboard.

Check out these features and let us know how they help you in the comment section below. For further questions, please write to support@zohoexpense.com.

Vidhya G.S.
Zoho Expense 

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