Zoho Expense: Product Updates - July 2022

Zoho Expense: Product Updates - July 2022

Hello customers,
We've made it halfway through 2022 with various features rollouts and enhancements. With another half year under way, we're working on crafting new updates to provide a better expense reporting experience for you. Let's take a look at the new features that we've introduced this month.
Export Advances
You can now export the advances you've received or provided to your employees. Export them individually or in bulk so that you can use the downloaded advances for your various accounting purposes. Also, admins can mark the advances as exported every time they export an advance and keep track of them. You can view all your exported advances in one place by applying the Exported filter under Advances in the Admin View.
To export an advance:
  1. Go to Advances, and select the advance.
  2. Click the More icon, and then click Export.
  3. Select the preferences, and then click Export.
To export advances in bulk:
  1. Go to Advances.
  2. Select the advances
  3. Click Export.
To mark an advance as exported:
  1. Go to Admin View, then Advances.
  2. Select the advance.
  3. Click the More icon, and then click Export
  4. Check the Mark this advance as Exported option, and then click Export. 
What’s Next Section for Expenses in the iOS App 
Just in case you're unsure about your next step in your expense reporting process, the What's Next section is right here to guide you. Once you've created an expense, the What’s Next section will let you know what you should do next to complete your expense reporting process.

Upgraded card feeds service to Yodlee's new API platform  
Yodlee, our third-party card feeds service provider, released a new API platform and we have now upgraded our systems to it. Upgrade each of your cards to this new platform by reconnecting them with Zoho Expense and seamlessly sync your card feeds.
Thank you for reading! We hope that the features above will be helpful for your expense reporting process. If you need anything, please write to us at support@zohoexpense.com.

The Zoho Expense Team​

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