Zoho Expense: Product Updates - June 2022

Zoho Expense: Product Updates - June 2022

Hello customers,
It's a new month again and we at Zoho Expense have developed a few features and enhancements to make your expense reporting process a little easier than it already is. Now, let's take a look at the features we've introduced for the month of June.

Online Reimbursements via HSBC

Reimbursing your employees has now become so much easier. Reimburse your employees' business expense reports directly from Zoho Expense using the Zoho Expense - HSBC integration. Configure your HSBC account in Zoho Expense and pay reimbursements directly to your employees' bank accounts from Zoho Expense.

To enable the integration: Go to Admin View > Settings > Online Reimbursements > HSBC > Enable Integration.

To reimburse the employees via HSBC: Go to Admin View > Reports > navigate to the Awaiting Reimbursement tab > click the report you want to reimburse > Record Reimbursement > enter the required details > Reimburse.

Vendor Mapping Option for Users With Share Access in Xero and QuickBooks Online

If you've integrated your Zoho Expense organization with Xero or QuickBooks Online, you can share your access with other users so that they can export reports to Xero or QuickBooks Online. These users can also use the instant sync option to sync the data between the apps. In addition to these permissions, the users with Share Access can now map users and merchants with respective vendors, so that the expenses that are exported will be recorded under the mapped vendors in Xero or QuickBooks Online.

To provide share access: Go to Admin View > Settings > Accounting & ERP > Xero or QuickBooks Online > Show Details > Change configuration > select a user under Share Access > click Save.

New Account Type To Track Reimbursable Expenses in QuickBooks Online

If you've integrated your Zoho Expense organization with QuickBooks Online and have configured to export the reimbursable expenses as journals, you would have been able to choose only Other Current Assets and Accounts Payable accounts from QuickBooks Online to track your reimbursable expenses. In addition to these accounts, we've now provided support to choose Other Current Liabilities accounts as Account Payables to track the reimbursable expenses you export to QuickBooks Online.

To select an other current liabilities account as Accounts Payable: Go to Admin View > Settings > Accounting & ERP > QuickBooks Online > Show Details > Change configuration > select an account under Choose an Accounts payable account > Save.

That’s all for now! We hope the above features will simplify expense reporting for you. As always, if you need anything, don't hesitate to write to us at support@zohoexpense.com.

The Zoho Expense Team

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