Zoho free tier - POP/IMAP/Activesync no longer free?

Zoho free tier - POP/IMAP/Activesync no longer free?

So I verified a domain and created some users, none of the accounts are allowed to use POP, IMAP or activesync. So all I can use is apparently web mail, which makes it a non started.

Is this expected behaviour? If I try and click on one it says that it is only available in paid plans.

I have a couple of other free accounts which can use activesync, but this new account cannot.

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            • Administrators now have permissions to access the Subscription and Payment details.

              Hello everyone! Hope you are all staying safe during these trying times. To ensure that your organization's email service, the backbone of communication, does not get affected due to inadvertent negligence by the super administrator, we have made a few changes in our roles and permissions to handle subscription and renewal smoothly. Earlier, any organization's Subscription and Payment information in Zoho Mail could be accessed only by the organization's Super Administrator. Now, based on requests
            • Move ahead from Docs to WorkDrive - WorkDrive is now available in all Workplace plans!

              Dear all,  We are glad to announce that WorkDrive is available across all the Workplace plans, with added storage and extensive team features.  Zoho WorkDrive is now available for all users, including those who subscribed before Zoho WorkDrive was introduced
            • Announcement - Changes in Custom login page

              In continuation to our efforts in protecting your Zoho Mail account we have made a few changes in the custom login page. We are making some enhancements in the browser to server communication to make it more secure.  You may be aware of the most of the modern web browsers mandate certain security practices to showing the webpages as 'Secure'.  We are rolling out the security related enhancements ensure that our custom login page accessed only in https mode and the authentication is securely done
            • How to close an account when you added your domain in Zoho Mail?

              Many users are struggling to close their Organization account created in ZohoMail.  The steps below should help you seamlessly close your account. Please login as the Super Admin for your Organization. Go to Control Panel > User Details > Remove other users except the Super Admin from the list.             (NOTE: If no other users are added except you, then go to the next step) Go to Domains > Delete the domain(s) you added with us. Go to Dashboard > Delete Organization. Go to http://accounts.zoho.com > Settings > Close

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