Zoho Sign: Product Updates - Mid-2020

Zoho Sign: Product Updates - Mid-2020


We hope that this post finds you, your loved ones, and your business in good health.

We are halfway through 2020, and therefore, would like to provide an update outlining the changes we have introduced in Zoho Sign over the past six months.

What's new?
  • Streamlined account settings interface
  • Enhanced email templates customization
  • Vernacular signing experience
  • Spouse signing
  • API quick setup and enhancements
  • Automatic cloud backup
  • New signer radio field
  • New integrations
    • Integration with Zoho Desk
    • Integration with Integromat
    • Add-on for Gmail
  • Enhanced integrations
    • File upload in Zoho Mail extension
    • Recipient options in Zoho CRM sign workflows
    • Deeper integration with Box
Streamlined account settings interface
A brand-new, modular, and more streamlined Account settings section grants users improved control over document defaults, recipient experience, security, accessibility, and account management. Users can now control who receives the completed documents and the Certificate of Completion, who can view attachments uploaded by signers, and toggle signer hint box to help signers navigate documents.

Enhanced email templates customization
For the emails being sent from Zoho Sign to signers and other recipients, users now have the capability to edit the entire template formats in HTML and customize them to suit their organization's branding and style guidelines. However, placeholder tags for mandatory information may only be re-positioned and cannot be omitted.

Vernacular signing experience
Users can now set a specific language, from the list of supported languages, for communication emails and the signing interface for each recipient when setting up a sign workflow. Furthermore, SignForms and 'Date' field information entered into documents will now be automatically displayed in the regional language and format, if supported, based on signer location.

Spouse signing
Users can now add the same email address twice in a sign workflow as two separate recipients provided the name entered in each instance is different. This facilitates the inclusion of a signer's spouse as a supporting signatory without having to send the paperwork to two separate email addresses.

API quick setup and enhancements
Users can now quickly set up an API client, generate OAuth access tokens, and obtain JSON formats to send document templates for signatures, directly from the Zoho Sign web app interface for testing and deploying integrations. Furthermore, we have added a testing mode for API that can be utilised by passing testing=true as a parameter in API calls allowing developers to send up to 50 test documents per month without having to purchase API credits.

Automatic cloud backup
Users can now connect Zoho Sign with their cloud storage to set up automatic backup of their signed documents and the Certificates of Completion. Users can choose their storage service using the Cloud Uploader tool in the Account settings section and select a specific location to back up their documents.

New signer radio field
The radio signer field allows users to add a field with multiple visible options from which signers can choose only one.

New integrations
  • Integration with Zoho Desk
    Users can add documents to Zoho Sign from their device or their ticket thread attachments and sign them or send them out for signatures and approvals. This extension can be added to Zoho Desk from the Zoho Marketplace.

  • Integration with Integromat
    Zoho Sign is now available on the advanced workflow automation platform Integromat. This allows users to connect Zoho Sign with 350+ other popular and powerful web applications by building Scenarios using a variety of modules.

  • Add-on for Gmail
    Users can add documents from their email attachments and set up sign workflows to collect signatures and obtain approvals. This add-on enables users to create and manage legally binding business documents directly from their Gmail inbox.

Enhanced integrations
  • File upload in Zoho Mail extension
    The extension for Zoho Mail now allows users to upload documents from their device in addition to using email attachments in sign workflows.

  • Recipient options in Zoho CRM sign workflows
    The extension for Zoho CRM now allows users to add the associated record to sign workflows from the recipients dropdown without having to browse through all the records of the module. Users can also add other CRM agents as recipients in sign workflows. Additionally, for sign workflows triggered from custom modules, the recipient email field is auto-filled if the associated record contains email address data.

  • Deeper integration with Box
    Users can now initiate sign workflows for files directly from their Box cloud storage and have the signed files automatically saved back to Box. Users can enable this on their Box account by adding and authorizing Zoho Sign from the App Gallery.

Do explore these new updates and share them with your peers. And, as we always say, there's more where these came from and watch this space for our future posts on upcoming releases.

Feel free to comment below if you need further details on any of the updates presented above. For any other support and assistance, please write to support@zohosign.com.

Happy Zoho Signing!

Sai Anand

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