Zoho Sign Templates in Zoho CRM

Zoho Sign Templates in Zoho CRM

We are glad to announce the release of the templates feature within the Zoho Sign extension of CRM. 

With templates, put an end to the never ending process of drafting and sending signature requests. Not just that, the new feature also has the ability to merge CRM data to your Zoho Sign documents, streamlining the signing workflow significantly.

Here's an example on how you can create a NDA template in Sign and send it to the recipients for signatures from CRM.

To create a template in Zoho Sign:
  • Click the 'Templates' option from the left panel and then click the 'Create template' button.

  • In the create template window, upload the NDA document, add recipients, roles, set the signing order, and fill out other pieces of information such as the private message, authentication code, automatic reminders and click 'Continue'. (For ex: In the case of a NDA document, the roles are Employee(signer) and Legal(owner))

  • Once you click continue, you will be redirected to the document viewer page. 

  • Choose the recipient from the 'Recipients' panel on the right and add form fields for each recipient. 

  • The 'Prefill by you' field will allow you (the owner) to pre-fill text to the uploaded document every time before sending the template. (For Ex: The name and the address of an employee needs to be pre-filled by the owner every time a template is sent. Hence we add them as pre-fill fields.)

  • Once you finish adding the form fields, click 'Save'. 

You need to have the Sign extension enabled to use a template from CRM. Click here to learn more on how to enable the Sign extension. 

To use Sign template in CRM:
  • Go to any CRM module, choose the record that you wish to send the template to and click the "Send for Zoho Sign" button. 

  • In the record details page, click Send for Zoho Sign. (Note: If a new tab doesn't open, check if the pop-ups are blocked and click the Always allow pop-ups from https://crm.zoho.com and click finished.)

  • In the new window that opens, click on use template option and choose a template from the list.

  • Upon choosing a template, the name, email address, role and pre-fill fields are auto-populated from the template. 

  • ​Fill out all the recipient details.

  • The pre-fill fields can be filled by using the CRM data of the chosen record. (For ex: If you want to pre-fill the name and address of the contact, you can do so by clicking the drop down and choosing the respective CRM fields that you wish to merge).

  • Upon filling all the fields, click 'Next'.

  • Make changes to the form fields in the viewer if necessary, and click 'Send'. 
That's it! It's very simple and highly effective.
You can now send a lot more documents in very little time using templates. Try out the new feature and let us know your feedback.


Note: Zoho Sign templates is available only for the users who is subscribed to the Professional plan of Zoho Sign. 

Next-in-line: Multiple document support

Happy Zoho Signing! 

Sai Anand

    Zoho Marketing Automation
      Zoho Mail - CRM Integration
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