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                      • Unveiling Cadences: Redefining CRM interactions with automated sequential follow-ups

                        Last modified on 01/04/2024: Cadences is now available for all Zoho CRM users in all data centres (DCs). Note that it was previously an early access feature, available only upon request, and was also known as Cadences Studio. As of April 1, 2024, it's
                      • Introducing Zoho CRM's all new email configuration

                        Last modified on Oct 9, 2023: We have initiated the process of migrating our customers from the existing email configuration to the new email configuration. If you would like to request migration and unlock access to the benefits outlined below, along
                      • [New Release 2024] Create and embed custom capabilities across CRM with Kiosk Studio, our latest no-code tool

                        Hello folks! Kiosk Studio, which was in early access, is now available to all customers in all DCs! Kiosk Studio is a no-code customization tool in Zoho CRM. It allows admins to simplify work for their users, customers, and vendors by creating and embedding
                      • Lookup filter in Zoho CRM

                        Last modified on 13/04/2023: Lookup filter is now available for all Zoho CRM users in all DCs. Note that it was an early access feature available only upon request. As of March 24, 2023, it is rolled out for al Zoho CRM accounts. Find out more about Lookup
                      • Email support added for Vendors module in CRM

                        [5 April 2024] This feature has been opened to all users in all DCs. Support for custom email fields will be enabled shortly. Hello folks, We're making a highly anticipated upgrade to the Vendors module: You'll now be able to send emails (including mass
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                      • Function to dynamically amend Opportunity Name

                        Good afternoon, We are a property management company and when a prospective tenant (lead) makes an offer on a property, the system will convert the lead to a Contact and an Opportunity. By default the opportunity is named "<TBC> - (First Name Last Name)"
                      • Sudden "UnParsable Date" in a function that has been working fine

                        Hi guys, I have had the below function running just fine for a couple of months and then on 19th March, for no apparent reason, I noticed a failure with error code: - UnParsable date at Line Number: 8 When we actually input the date in the field, it's
                      • Populate "Related to" Account & Contacy field in meetings

                        Hello Zoho community! Pretty much what the title says. When syncing Google Calendar to Zoho CRM both ways, the meetings created from Zoho are much more detail oriented than the other way around. Is there a way to, when my sales team create a meeting from
                      • Importing Purchase Orders in Zoho CRM

                        Hello! I'm trying to import Purchase Orders in my Zoho CRM from a csv template using the Data Migration Import tool. (Selecting Zoho CRM migration). I've read the documentation and some other posts in here about the formatting and how you need to import
                      • Formatting Address Field as Import from multiple webhooks ? (Street = "st" "st." "street" )

                        Hi there, I am not good with coding so I am hoping a fellow community member or coder at Zoho to help with this. Our CRM leads are mainly dealing with address(s) as the main way of filtering through leads, and for webhooks to check if Lead already exists

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                                                                                  • ZUG (Zoho User Group) In-person Meetups - Learn, Share, and Discuss All Things Zoho

                                                                                    Hi, We hope you are all doing well. We are excited to announce the second leg of our in-person Zoho User Group (ZUG) meetups in your region. A quick update: Our first leg of meetups in 2024 reached completion, and Zoho experts had the opportunity to meet
                                                                                  • Enrich your CRM data and keep them updated

                                                                                    You spend a lot of your time and efforts in generating quality leads for your business. While generating leads is a challenge in itself, the real deal begins when sales reps try to nurture these leads and convert them as customers. So how equipped is your sales team with information about your leads matters a lot.  For example, you might be using webforms to generate leads and collect customer information from your website. The lesser your webform fields are, the more your sign-ups right? From optimizing
                                                                                  • Zoho CRM Digest - February 2024

                                                                                    We're thrilled to bring you the February digest, packed with exciting product updates and engaging discussions from the Zoho CRM Community. Keep reading to stay in the loop! Product Updates: Zia Enhancements Be it Tasks, Calls, or Meetings, Zia's activity
                                                                                  • Canvas templates can now be shared with different CRM organizations

                                                                                    ----------------------------------------Moderated on 14th February, 2023------------------------------------------- Dear all, This feature is now open for all users in all DCs. To learn more about importing and exporting canvas templates, read our help
                                                                                  • Introducing Zia Presentation in Zoho CRM

                                                                                    ----------------------------------------Moderation 2.0, Date: 22nd March' 24----------------------------------------- The Zia Presentation feature is now available for organizations in both Enterprise and Ultimate editions with 20+ user licenses in the

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