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                                                                                    • Most Discussed Topics

                                                                                    • [Product Update] Change in Zoho Analytics Business Apps Integration Data Sync Notification Settings

                                                                                      Dear Customers,  In our continuous effort to improve the Zoho Analytics product with new features and enhancements, we are making some updates to the business apps integration data sync notification settings.  Currently, the Zoho Analytics account admin
                                                                                    • Calculate Average based of date filter

                                                                                      Hello, We want to calculate the average of rows that appear when a date filter is applied in a dashboard. Is there any way to achieve this? Thanks,
                                                                                    • Query to bring back last business day

                                                                                      Hi all, Wondering if anyone has written one, or can point me in the right direction, or an Analytics query to return rows of the last business day?  I currently have the following (which may be wrong..) SELECT "Time Entry (Zoho Desk)"."Request" AS 'Ticket
                                                                                    • Zoho Analytics to Zoho Sheets - automatic update?

                                                                                      Hi all, If I create a zoho sheet from an Analytics Report or Analytics Data, is there a way for the zoho sheet to automatically update as the Report / Data in analytics updates?
                                                                                    • Roll-up Dashboard

                                                                                      Hi Brainstrust, I have several (about 10) workspaces that are used for different Regions. Each region has it's own discrete data, although the data tables are the same structure in each of the workspaces. Each region makes bookings, and has costs associated