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                • [Webinar] How a Modern BI & Analytics platform is the key to insights-driven business

                  Hi there, To become market leaders, organizations need to make sense of their data. An insights-driven business model helps companies make better decisions underpinned by data. In this webinar Senior Evangelist Chandrashekar LSP and a guest speaker, Forrester
                • Zoho Reports - New features rolled out on Nov. 12, 2013

                  Support to Control the underlying data visibility  Till now, when you provide the permission to view the underlying data of a report your users will be able to see all the columns of the underlying table on which the report has been created.   Now Zoho Reports allows you to select the columns that has to be listed in the underlying data.   By default, columns used in the reports alone will be included in underlying data. You can select or unselect required columns. With this you will be able to set
                • Final Notice - Deprecating Authtokens in Zoho Analytics

                  In our commitment to continuous improvement, we've been working on to upgrade Zoho's authentication method from authtokens to a more secure OAuth. We have been communicating about this important migration process in the recent post. This is the final
                • [Webinar] 5 Growth Drivers a Modern Analytics Platform Delivers

                  Hi there, With a massive explosion of data across sources, businesses have embraced analytics to extract meaningful insights out of their data. While many organizations have adapted to modern BI platforms, some are still in their very early stages of
                • You can now choose to login via the On-Premise application in the Zoho Analytics mobile app!

                  Hello Everyone,   In the latest version (v3.5.0) of the Zoho Analytics iOS & Android mobile app, we now support both the Cloud and On-Premise applications. You can select either to login to the Cloud application (using the 'Sign in/ Sign in with Apple'

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                                                                            • Most Discussed Topics

                                                                            • Sync failure with Zoho Desk

                                                                              I've noticed today that my Zoho Desk integration with Zoho Analytics is in failure, and when it fails when I try to manually sync. I've tried also to Edit the Setup with my admin account, but the following error message appears. My admin account is an
                                                                            • Linking to a tab

                                                                              Greetings, I hope find all good and safe! I have a dashboard with a few tabs. I would like to make a tab called 'Home' and set links to other tabs. How can I do this?
                                                                            • Spread a Number (Hours) Evenly Across multiple days (Start and End Date)

                                                                              We have hundreds of active jobs at any given time, all with different budgeted hours, across dozens of processes, and all with varying process start and end dates. Below is a table with just a few lines containing our active jobs by job number. What I
                                                                            • Is there a way to access the ticket page from Zoho Analytics?

                                                                              My Zoho Desk and Zoho Analytics are integrated, so I can analyse all my tickets data with the Zoho Analytics, but one feature I miss is a way to link the ticket data, as its ID or Subject, for example, with the ticket page inside Zoho Desk. This would
                                                                            • Wrong ticket owner name imported form Desk to Analytics

                                                                              I've just noticed that if a ticket used to have an agent as its owner, but now it's unassigned, as shown in that image below of a ticket with this description. But when the data is imported to Zoho Analytics, the ticket owner remains the last one before
                                                                            • Sticky Posts

                                                                            • Announcing Zoho Analytics 5.0 -- A Modern Self-service BI & Analytics Platform

                                                                              We are extremely delighted to unveil Zoho Analytics 5.0 - A Modern Self-service BI and Analytics platform to the public. Experience analytics like never before with the following new capabilities and enhancements: Comprehensive AI-Powered Data Preparation
                                                                            • Ask the Experts #18: Five hours live Q&A session with Zoho Analytics product experts

                                                                              Hello all,  We are excited to host the next online community event - Ask the Experts #18 on 24 March 2021 between 05:30 AM - 10:30 AM PDT. If you've had any questions about the Zoho Analytics features or prefer to learn more, join the discussion with
                                                                            • Free Webinar: 5 Must have inventory reports for online sellers | Zoho Analytics & Zoho Inventory

                                                                              Hello All, Selling goods online? These 5 inventory reports will help you make better informed decisions. Join us on this free webinar hosted by Zoho Analytics and Inventory domain experts to learn more. Register now! Friday, December 13th: 9am PST
                                                                            • Zoho Reports to be renamed and launched as Zoho Analytics 4.0

                                                                              We made the Zoho Reports 4.0 Beta announcement a few months back. As we worked on new features in 4.0, we realized we are moving away from just Reporting, and getting more and more into the Analytics realm. And that's the reason why we have decided to rename Zoho Reports as Zoho Analytics. This post is just to give you a heads up on the Zoho Analytics 4.0 launch in mid November 2018. As present users of Zoho Reports, be assured that the new product will continue to work the same as the current one.
                                                                            • Zoho Reports Release 4.0 Beta

                                                                              We are delighted to announce the new Zoho Reports Release 4.0 Beta. Your favorite Zoho Reports now comes with a fresh new-look and exciting features. The new Zoho Reports 4.0 includes the following features: Dashboards in Single Click The UI has been completely revamped focusing on easy navigation. Now you can access any dashboard in a single click using the Preview Cards. Easy Navigation The main navigational elements are made bolder and bigger now. The analytics elements are organized into three