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        • Conduct hybrid events with Zoho Backstage

          Hello everyone, The current approach for hosting events is to go hybrid, combining the physical and virtual, since online events are here to stay and physical events will never go out of style. Hosting a hybrid event is a good option when you want to
        • What's New—May 2022

          Dear Backstage users,   At Backstage, we believe it's the small things that make the big picture, and this month's been about just that. Our existing features have undergone a few updates and enhancements, and we hope you can see the difference in how
        • Introducing Expo management

          Hello everyone, Associating yourself with brands that align with your event's theme can help you increase your event's influence and make it more tangible. Invite these brands or businesses to be exhibitors at your event and allow them to showcase their
        • What's New—April 2022

          Hello Backstage users, This month our existing features have undergone a few updates and enhancements. We hope you can see the difference in how much better and more cohesive the overall Backstage experience is. So here we go with a quick rundown of all
        • What's New—March 2022

          Hello everyone,   We spent March working on some new improvements to give you more options to plan your event. Here are the latest updates from Backstage. Event participants can control their profile under the Privacy preference option in the Virtual

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                                                                                            • Spotlight 26: Host interactive virtual sessions with Backstage OnAir

                                                                                              According to a recent survey by Markletic, two of the biggest challenges organizers face when hosting online events are attendee engagement and interaction. Where in-person events bank on the impact of face-to-face communication to engage attendees, virtual events depend on technology to build that rapport. As such, the more engagement tools available in your event management software, the more captivating your virtual sessions will be.   Backstage OnAir comes with a robust set of interactive tools
                                                                                            • Announcing Backstage OnAir, our in-house virtual events solution

                                                                                              These past months have seen a huge rise in the number of virtual events with some of the biggest events of the year going online. Though there's little possibility for virtual events to completely replace in-person ones, COVID-19 has shown how flexible
                                                                                            • Introducing the mobile app for event organizers

                                                                                              It doesn't matter if you're planning your first trade show or an annual executive retreat—organizing an event requires your undivided attention. This is especially true on event day, when things can quickly get out of hand. So how can you stay on top of everything happening at your event? Introducing the Zoho Backstage for Event Organizers mobile app, for Android and iOS—designed to improve and simplify your event management. Getting things started on time, checking in attendees on event day, following
                                                                                            • Announcing Zoho Backstage: Your complete event management software

                                                                                              With just a few months till the event, you're still racking your brain. Did you advertise to the right audience? Is your event website design appealing? How will you keep attendees engaged and interested during sessions? It doesn't matter if you're organizing a huge business conference for the first time or a team building retreat that happens every year. You should be able to manage every aspect of your event, down to the very last detail. Introducing Zoho Backstage, enterprise event management