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                                                                                    • Most Discussed Topics

                                                                                    • Email address with + char is incorrectly invalid

                                                                                      cannot enter contact with email address containing +, i. e. valid+email@example.com. this is a perfectly valid email address by but fails Zoho Campaigns validation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Email_address#Local-part
                                                                                    • Comment tester les campagnes qui ne peuvent être modifiées ?

                                                                                      Avec zoho campagne il est impossible de modifier une campagne dès que celle-ci est lancée. Pourtant il est nécessaire de pouvoir modifier fréquemment suivant le résultat de tests successifs pour améliorer les résultats. Comment faire pour concilier les
                                                                                    • Create a custom view -Error #####NEW_SEGMENT_MODULE_ENABLED#####REDIRECT_TO_LIST_VIEW#####

                                                                                      Bonjour, Je cherche a contourner les limites des segments en créant une vue personnalisée. Depuis une liste, lorsque j'essaie de créer une vue personnalisée  j'ai immédiatement un message d'erreur suivant. #####NEW_SEGMENT_MODULE_ENABLED#####REDIRECT_TO_LIST_VIEW#####
                                                                                    • Not All Custom fields are syncing

                                                                                      I have some custom fields in CRM for which I do not get the values in zoho campaigns. What could cause this issue?
                                                                                    • Sync from Campaigns to CRM

                                                                                      I have the new sync integration model set up.  pushing data from CRM to campaigns works well & nearly instant, all good here: - I'd typically see a new record in Zoho Campaigns 1-2 minutes after it was added to Zoho CRM module - CRM record's custom fields
                                                                                    • Sticky Posts

                                                                                    • Promote Campaigns on your LinkedIn Company page

                                                                                      Hello!   We are happy to announce that Zoho Campaigns has further improved its integration with LinkedIn to provide more services. This time, we've come up with a new feature where you can promote your email and social campaigns on your LinkedIn company page.   LinkedIn company page is a hub where followers are updated about the company, its products & services and of course new features & updates. It acts as a public portal for prospects, vendors and partners, etc. You can engage your followers
                                                                                    • Marketer's Space: Template Editor - Dynamic Content

                                                                                      Dynamic content has become an inevitable part of email marketing. It's basically the process of displaying content to your leads that is relevant to them based upon them matching a particular criteria you have set previously.    To put it in simpler terms, it is the right content for the right people at the right time.    How to use the dynamic content While creating an email campaign, you go on to select a pre-designed or basic template to add content, and then click Advanced --> Dynamic to create
                                                                                    • Tip of the week 03 - Sending emails in batches

                                                                                      Today's marketers not only want their email marketing to be efficient, but also smart. For an email campaign, you may think you have all the essential elements for lead conversion—a big mailing list, an attractive template design, and the most-engaging message content, but after hitting the ‘send’ button, you may not get the expected conversions. Wondering why? Here’s one of the major reasons. Many marketers miss out on sending the email campaign the right way. Did you know that you should not be
                                                                                    • Zoho Campaigns Expert Diaries on SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube

                                                                                      Hi email champs,  As email marketers, we find great lessons in each other's works—be it the subject lines that worked good, the design that was received well, or the CTA that had the maximum clicks. Email marketing encompasses a wide variety of topics spanning everything from creation and design to development and deliverability.  Here's when we from the Zoho Campaigns team found the need to build an email marketing community comprising of seasoned marketers and email geeks who can help each other
                                                                                    • Sending Autoresponders to Existing Contacts

                                                                                      Hello! In recent times, many of our users wanted to send Autoresponders to existing contacts. Since, these contacts existed already; they will never be receiving that message scheduled in the Autoresponders.  But, is there really a way to push these Autoresponder message(s) to such existing contacts? Well, Zoho Campaigns has again come up with a solution for such request laid by many of our users. We are happy to announce the new enhancement on Autoresponders through which you can send the Autoresponder