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                                                                              • Most Discussed Topics

                                                                              • Fax and email questions

                                                                                Does Zoho offer faxing capability? If so, how to do it? And, why is has my email inbox stopped in 2019? There are no more emails since then. Also if I delete all of those emails, will they delete it from my gmail account (I'm linked to a gmail email address).
                                                                              • I CAN'T CREATE A NEW TASK ON THE DATE I WANT.

                                                                                Good morning, I have been using connect for a year now to schedule various tasks and today for the first time I am facing a problem: when I enter a task on a specific day it automatically moves it to the next day, or the day before. I have also tried
                                                                              • Zoho Connect - Zoho Classes (As web link within menu)

                                                                                Has anyone figured out how to create a Zoho class & add it to Zoho connect group? Help
                                                                              • Customise home dashboard based on group or user

                                                                                Hey Zoho, Is it possible to have conditional elements display / hide on the home screen dashboard based on either the user or the group? for example, I am currently displaying KPI’s as an embedded element from Analytics. I have 2x teams, Team A and Team
                                                                              • Can not add colleagues from Czech Republic

                                                                                Hi, Can you please fix this problem with adding members with email adresses ending on .cz ?? See below screenshot
                                                                              • Sticky Posts

                                                                              • Zoholics 2015: Productivity and Collaboration

                                                                                ​Hello Zoholics! We  at  Zoho  know  that improving productivity  and collaboration  among  your employees  is vital  to  the success  of  your  business.  We believe  in  this idea  so strongly  that  we built  an entire  set  of applications devoted  to   this!  Zoho applications  such  as Mail, Docs, Projects, Connect, etc.  all  seamlessly   integrate  with  one  another, allowing  for  greater productivity  and collaboration  among  your teams.  Not  only  do  we  think businesses  like yours