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                • Upcoming Updates - June 2021

                  Hi all, We hope that you are all safe and in good health. It has been one of the most challenging times of our age and we, as a global community, are trying to deal with it to the best of our abilities. Zoho Creator team has always tried to stick to its
                • Deprecating Support for Authtokens

                  Hello!   Zoho Creator's APIs enable you to access your Zoho Creator account and includes an authentication process to secure your data. The v1 APIs use authtokens, while v2 APIs are based on OAuth verification, which is much more secure. To enhance the security of this process, we are now deprecating our v1 APIs (that will reach their end-of-life on February 3rd, 2021) and disabling new authtoken generation in an effort to use only Zoho OAuth authentication.   Existing v1 API users If you are using
                • Community Learning Webinar - Zoho Creator Blueprint & other release updates | July 29, 2021

                  Dear developers, This June, the Creator team unveiled a slew of updates including UI enhancements to the Detail View of reports, an new capabilities in Data Import and Connections, and most important of all, the release of Blueprint in Creator.  Customize
                • Introducing Zoho Creator's v2 APIs

                  Hello App Creators, Welcome to Zoho Creator's v2 APIs! This post will serve as the central point for migrating implementations of Creator's current APIs (v1) to v2. Improvements that v2 brings OAuth-based authentication, which is more secure than the
                • Introducing Blueprints

                  Hello App Creators, Greetings from Zoho Creator! We're happy to inform you about a new feature called Blueprint—Zoho Creator's process management tool. This feature enables you to customize every detail of every process you design in your Creator application.

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                                                                                • Most Discussed Topics

                                                                                • Export form and subform data into spreadsheet

                                                                                  Hi How do i export my data from a form with subform into spreadsheet where the subform with multiple rows are exported into individual rows and columns? If i do a normal export, it join all the subform data into a column seperated by space/comma. I need
                                                                                • Error when deleting autofill fields

                                                                                  Hello, I am a beginner and I did a program to fill in fields automatically, but when deleting a record in the front end marks an error. Does anyone know how to put in programming to avoid this error? Thank you so much. https://www.awesomescreenshot.
                                                                                • How to calculate the distance between two addresses?

                                                                                  Hello!! Is there any way to calculate a distance in km between 2 addresses and add the km result in a field?  I think that there is a way using the Google API Distance Matrix (which is paid if I am not wrong) but I am asking you if you know a more easier
                                                                                • Allow multiple actions in Web Report Actions

                                                                                  Currently, it is possible to add more then one Action in the "tap of a record" for the Quick View in Mobile and Tablet mode. Combined with adding custom actions based on conditions this allow for complex behavior. Example : On tap of a record, if record
                                                                                • Benefit/disadvantages: Adding an inline subform created in main form vs embedding an existing form as subform

                                                                                  Hello, perhaps someone can offer some perspective on this.  I've found that adding an existing form as subform is easier to manage as I can access the data easier. If it's an inline subform created within the same main form I can't access a direct report