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                      • Have revenues in the account module

                        Hello, I tried to find an easy way and could not find anything. There is a system field called ''Annual Revenue'' in the Accounts module but it does not update. My company uses the Invoices module (sub total of invoices) and we would like to have all
                      • :between: conditions in search?criteria

                        Hello, please help solve problem I try to select deals by Creater_Time between dates i send this GET request /crm/v4/deals/search?criteria=(Created_Time:between:(2024-02-01T18:52:56,24-02-17T18:52:56)) encoded to /crm/v4/deals/search?criteria=%28Created_Time%3Abetween%3A%282024-02-01T18%3A52%3A56%2C24-02-17T18%3A52%3A56%29%29
                      • Error when attempting to add an item to a related list in Contacts

                        Hi, In our contacts layout we have created a Lookup field called "Trusted" to allow users to link other contacts to main contact. I need to add items to this list for any given contact via the REST API. I've been following the article https://help.zoho.com/portal/en/community/topic/kaizen-48-related-lists-and-related-records-api
                      • Custom function to update a filed in a lead

                        I have some leads that come in with Not Provided in the Company field. This is due to the company field not being required. Not everyone who fills out our form is a company, hence the reason for not making the field required. This has caused another issue
                      • Create Conversion Funnel for Lead Status

                        Dear Community, we run our leads through the following lead stages: Now we would like to measure the conversion rations between the single stages, i.e. "How many of the leads to whom we sent a contact request on LinkedIn accepted it?" -> "To how many

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