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                          • Rich-text fields in Zoho CRM

                            Hello everyone, We're thrilled to announce an important enhancement that will significantly enhance the readability and formatting capabilities of your information: rich text options for multi-line fields. With this update, you can now enjoy a more versatile
                          • Unveiling Cadences: Redefining CRM interactions with automated sequential follow-ups

                            Last modified on 01/04/2024: Cadences is now available for all Zoho CRM users in all data centres (DCs). Note that it was previously an early access feature, available only upon request, and was also known as Cadences Studio. As of April 1, 2024, it's
                          • Notes and Attachments visibility can now be restricted based on profiles

                            Dear All, We hope you're well! We are here with a quick update about Notes and Attachments profile permissions. In the past, a record's Notes and Attachments were visible by default to all users with record access. However, as notes and attachments can
                          • Effortlessly advance through your CRM blueprints by including optional fields in transitions

                            Editions: Professional edition and above DCs: All Release plan: This enhancement is being released in a phased manner to customers. It will soon be available to all users. Hello everyone, Blueprints streamline processes and ensure users adhere to required
                          • Zoho CRM Blueprint 3.0 — What's in store for you!

                            Hello everyone, We hope all of you are doing well. We are excited to let you know that we have launched a set of useful enhancements in Blueprint. Here is a rather elaborate post on what those enhancements are and what to expect. Feel free to get back to us with any questions you may have. Summary of enhancements: SLAs now support automated actions apart from existing default email alerts. "Same-state looping" has been introduced. The During Transition settings now let you mandate Tags. Introducing
                          • Most Discussed Topics

                          • Need to email multiple contacts associated with a deal

                            We sell to schools, so the main buyer will be the contact associated with the deal, but all the teachers are the end users who I have listed as contact roles on each deal. We cannot figure out how to email all the end users for a deal. They need to know
                          • Introducing bulk additions for subforms via lookup and subform permissions for Zoho CRM

                            Hello everyone, We're excited to unveil two highly anticipated subform features: Bulk additions for subforms via lookup Subform permissions Let's dive into them further: Bulk additions for subforms via lookup One of our most significant updates yet introduces
                          • Is zoho CRM down right now?

                            Saw this on Twitter "Hello Everyone! I apologize for the inconvenience. There is a Zoho CRM outage, and our developers are working on it. In the meantime, you can access your CRM account at https://crm-ro.zoho.com. " We tried that, and it isn't any better.
                          • Filter with zoho.crm.getRecords or zoho.crm.searchRecords

                            Good afternoon, I am trying to create a filter using fields within the "Events" module. Is this possible? I am using the following code: zoho.crm.getRecords("Events", 1, 200, ("This is where the query using the field would go")). If this is not possible,
                          • Bug: ZDK.Client.navigateTo() has recently stopped working for same page reloads.

                            Zoho - this urgently needs resolving. In order to reload the same "Page Details" page using Client Script, you should simply be able to call: ZDK.Client.navigateTo('record_detail', {module: $Page.module,record_id: $Page.record_id}); This has recently

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