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                • [Update - June 2, 2021] Integration Tasks will Consume API Credits

                  Hi everyone! Here are a few updates to this post.  Based on the feedback from the customers and partners, we have decided to postpone the inclusion of the integration tasks in API credits to August 31, 2021. We have started working on the below tool support: 
                • External ID in Zoho CRM

                  Hello everyone! We know that Zoho CRM allows you to integrate third-party apps and manipulate data through APIs. While you integrate a third-party application, you may want to store the third-party reference IDs in Zoho CRM's records. To meet this need
                • Org-specific OAuth2.0 Tokens in Zoho CRM

                  Hello everyone! This post is to inform you that there is an update to the OAuth2.0 flow for CRM while generating the authorization code (grant token). Web-based Clients The Current Flow The user clicks the Login with Zoho button on any third-party app. The app redirects the user to the Zoho Login page, and the user enters the Zoho credentials. A pop-up, similar to the one below, appears asking for the user's consent that the app wants to access certain user data. When the user clicks the Accept button,
                • A step-by-step guide to integrate Google Contacts using Sigma

                  Integrating and syncing data is a significant factor for effective customer relationship management. Let's consider a scenario where an entrepreneur is planning on starting a new venture. An important factor in propelling any business towards success
                • [Update - April 30, 2021] Zoho CRM Authtoken Deprecation

                  Hello everyone,  The deadline for migrating from Authtoken to OAuth has been extended until May 31, 2021. Please switch to OAuth tokens before May 31 to prevent code breakage. Thank you. Hello everyone, This post is regarding our upgrade to OAuth authentication for all

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                                                                              • Zoho Web Lead form not saving 'Enquiry Status`

                                                                                Hi all. I have created a Webform to capture leads from our website. Most of the fields are working fine, however, the 'Enquiry Source' field doesn't seem to work and it always saves as 'Not Qualified'. It does not matter what this field is saved as when
                                                                              • Zoho CRM REST API Search records with special characters

                                                                                Hello, I am struggling to search records in Zoho CRM, which contain special characters in the fields I am comparing to. I am using the REST API of CRM so search Accounts based on the Account_Name. The documentation also provides a lot of information,
                                                                              • Should Territory be assigned to a new account created via the API?

                                                                                If I create an account manually, the territory rules are run automatically and the new account is assigned to a territory. However, if I create an account via the Zoho API, the territory rules are not run automatically. Is there any way to specify that
                                                                              • How to associate email with record?

                                                                                Is there a way in Deluge or with the API to associate an email to a custom module record? I'm using the v2.1 Send Email method so I have the message_id of the email but don't see a way to add that to the Emails section of the custom module record because
                                                                              • Unable to update a deal for the first time using REST API

                                                                                We are able to create a deal successfully using the REST API. According to our logic, if a deal doesn't exist we use the create deal API to create a new one. Else update the deal if it is already present. We use a specific id as a property that will always