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                        • Dive into GC Flow Metrics

                          GC metrics offers detailed insights into every step of the customer journey and help businesses identify necessary adjustments for optimal bot performance. Dive into conversational metrics for your bots and unlock the full potential of your automated
                        • Zoho Desk's ASAP announcement | Time to embrace the enhanced JWT Authentication Mechanism for ASAP | Dec'23

                          Hi All, We are eager to introduce the enhanced JWT authentication mechanism for accessing your ASAP add-ons. Effective December 25th, 2023, the ASAP's old JWT authentication mechanism will be deprecated. This means that the option to switch to the new
                        • We are making preparatory changes to the Ticket ID field type!

                          Ticket ID field in Zoho Desk serves as one of the key elements of the system. Our current implementation only supports numerical values for Ticket ID. This certainly limits our customers from customizing the Ticket ID. With the above challenge in mind,
                        • Zoho Desk now integrates with Slack

                          Do you use Slack to power internal communication and collaboration within your organization? If you do, we've got some good news for you. Zoho Desk now integrates with Slack, so your agents can get the best of both tools without compromising on either.     The Zoho Desk app for Slack gives agents quick access to ticket information from right within Slack, saving your team time and effort.    The integration also lets you configure real-time updates to your agents via Slack. The notifications can
                        • Automation #9 - Convert Zoho Desk Tickets to New Deals in Zoho CRM

                          This is a monthly series designed to help you get the best out of Desk. We take our cue from what's being discussed or asked about the most in our community. Then we find the right use cases that specifically highlight solutions, ideas and tips on optimizing
                        • Most Discussed Topics

                        • Custom text field for ticket classification

                          Hi, Is there a way to include a custom text field when assigning classifications to Zoho tickets? We have 7-digit references we need to be able to include somehow in tickets for reporting purposes. This will help us classify tickets to individual customers.
                        • Prevent duplicate with custom fields?

                          I was wondering something about custom field/custom modules in Zoho Desk. For some reason you can make a custom field mandatory but not unique? For example, if I create a custom module to manage equipment and renewal and make a field serial number no
                        • Can you use variables in Desk specific views

                          I would like to add a specific view to Desk that uses the loginuser variable. Is that possible?
                        • How to reply to thread via API

                          We have built a webapp for our customers that uses the Zoho Desk API to enable each customer to view their full list of tickets, view individual tickets and raise new tickets. The Zoho Desk API doesn't have the ability to reply to a ticket/thread. Replies
                        • Unable to retrieve Ticket activities

                          I have the following scope, Desk.contacts.all,Desk.products.all,Desk.settings.all,Desk.basic.all,Desk.tickets.all,Desk.activities.calls.READ , Desk.activities.events.READ , Desk.activities.READ , Desk.activities.tasks.READ , Desk.calls.READ , Desk.tasks.READ

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                                                                                  • Live Webinar - Work smarter with Zoho Desk and Zoho Workplace integration

                                                                                    Hello customers! Zoho Desk and Zoho Workplace are coming together for a webinar on 14th May, 2024. Zoho Workplace is a suite of productivity apps for email, chat, docs, calls, and more at one single place. Zoho Desk is closely integrated with a few tools
                                                                                  • 2024 Email Authentication Standards: Elevating Security with Google and Yahoo

                                                                                    In contemporary email communication, email authentication plays a pivotal role in mitigating email fraud, spam, and phishing attacks. Brace yourself for a new level of security. Starting February 2024, Gmail and Yahoo will be implementing robust email
                                                                                  • Announcing the New and Improved Article Editor

                                                                                    KBase articles are known to help customers, find solutions to problems on their own and set the stage for ticket deflection. That said, the way you present your KBase content is the clinching factor that ensures your customers stick around to consume it.  We took it upon ourselves to build an editor that allows you to publish articles without delving into the code. Well, at least for the most part. With more options and a redefined interface, the article editor in Zoho Desk is now better than ever!
                                                                                  • Apple iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 updates for Zoho Desk users

                                                                                    Hello Zoho Desk users! Apple recently announced the release of iOS 17 and iPad OS 17. These latest OS updates will help you stay productive and efficient, through interactive and seamless user experiences. Zoho Desk has incorporated the updates to help
                                                                                  • Zoho Desk Partners with Microsoft's M365 Copilot for seamless customer service experiences

                                                                                    Hello Zoho Desk users, We are happy to announce that Zoho Desk has partnered with Microsoft's M365 to empower customer service teams with enhanced capabilities and seamless experiences for agents. Microsoft announced their partnership during their keynote

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