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                                                                                      • Most Discussed Topics

                                                                                      • View tickets

                                                                                        Is it possible to have 1 person in a organization which can view all tickets of that company? Example: IT Manager of Company X wants to view all tickets of Company X, no other user can see  all tickets of Company X.
                                                                                      • See last login or activity date from Agent

                                                                                        Hi, is there the possibility to list all agents by their last login or last activity? We plan to roll out zoho for 70+ people including our subsidiaries and we want to check on regularity basis if an agent is active or not. Is this possible and how can
                                                                                      • CRM Desk Sync Not Working

                                                                                        Hi  My contacts and accounts dont sync. None of them have come from CRM to Desk. Ive bi direction CRM <-> Desk on but nothing the Desk. Could you please initiate bulk fetch and fix this glitch Thank you
                                                                                      • Emailing directly to a call using title or ticket URL?

                                                                                        Hi ZohoDesk, I know there is ZohoFlow, and many custom ways of achieving this I suspect but we are going for a quick win approach! We use Devops for bug tracking and want to add our support address as the follower to some of the items that have been triggered
                                                                                      • Change mail signature for all agents

                                                                                        Hi, how can I change the mail signature of all agents in our Zoho Desk instance. Is there central point to manage them or by using the API. Thanks in advance and BR
                                                                                      • Sticky Posts

                                                                                      • Edit and Delete options in Comments

                                                                                        A lot of teams have been using ticket comments extensively to collaborate everyday. Notification Center further improved this experience by bringing real-time updates.  As we continue to build more improvements to this experience, we've shipped a small-yet-important one today: edit & delete ticket comments .  You'll find both these options right next to the comment you made.  By default, comment authors can edit their comments while administrators can edit all comments. Likewise, comment authors
                                                                                      • Announcing the New and Improved Article Editor

                                                                                        KBase articles are known to help customers, find solutions to problems on their own and set the stage for ticket deflection. That said, the way you present your KBase content is the clinching factor that ensures your customers stick around to consume it.  We took it upon ourselves to build an editor that allows you to publish articles without delving into the code. Well, at least for the most part. With more options and a redefined interface, the article editor in Zoho Desk is now better than ever!
                                                                                      • Zoho Desk Cheat Sheet For The Year-End

                                                                                        Check out these Zoho Desk best practices to end this year on a high and have a great one ahead! #1 Set Business (Holiday) Hours - If you have limited working hours, please make sure you restrict your business hours or set them as holidays for the coming days. Let your customers know when you will, and won't, be available. #2 Update the Annual Holiday List - Check the holidays for the new year and update the holiday schedule. Usually, holidays from the current year will be carried over for the next
                                                                                      • Zoho Support: Automate your way to Productivity using Time based Actions

                                                                                        To avoid pitfalls in customer support leading to lower customer satisfaction, longer response cycles, increased support cost, automation and productivity improvements become a must have. In this endeavor we at Zoho Support have bolstered the existing automation options with Time bases Actions and Macros. Time based actions are used to monitor your help-desk for pre-defined actions every one hour. So the next time when you see a massive pile-up of tickets in your help-desk queue, don't fret. Setup
                                                                                      • Deprecation of older versions of ASAP Mobile SDK | Zoho Desk

                                                                                        Hello, everyone.    Greetings from Zoho Desk ASAP!   In order to continue to deliver the best and most secure experience to our mobile SDK users. On account of the recent enhancements and updates to the mobile SDKs, we have planned to mark the older versions