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                  We're pleased to announce a brand new, cost-free addition to the Zoho family: Zoho Developer. This new suite of tools will help our independent partners grow their businesses by building extensions and integrations for many of Zoho's cloud-based business apps. The Developer Console is a comprehensive toolbox that includes all the components needed to build powerful extensions and third-party integrations. By creating pre-built, modular software components, developers can either extend the core functionality

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                                                                      • Most Discussed Topics

                                                                      • Deleting a Sigma Extension

                                                                        Is there a way to delete an extension from within the Zoho Sigma environment? I can't seem to find a button to do it anywhere? Thanks
                                                                      • Front End UI for my extension

                                                                        I am creating an extension using ZOHO sigma and my extension requires to input start date and end date as a variables. I want to make the front end to accept data from the user and I will store it in custom variables. How to create a UI for this also
                                                                      • Request for HELP from everyone (Who has an account with Integromat)

                                                                        By The Grace of G-D. Hi, If you have an account with Integromat (Even a free account), I'd like to ask your help in a small thing for you but a big thing for all of the current and future developers of Zoho Vertical CRM. There is an app request with integromat
                                                                      • Send Mail with custom template variables

                                                                        Hi I'm trying to send an email vie the Send Mail API and want to insert values that replace the variables currently in the email template. for example our reset password template will have "To reset your password click this link ${<value from API call}"
                                                                          • Sticky Posts

                                                                          • How to get an glare/reflection free image using multiple images

                                                                            Hi, I am working on concept where i have 6 Images which are captured under 6 different illumination condition. Different illumination causes reflection in different places in a captured images. So i have use those images and get one reflection free image without losing/altering any information of image.i did lot of experiments on the collected 6 images but nothing worked......any suggestion it could be helpful for me..Thank you