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          • External ID in Zoho CRM

            Hello everyone! We know that Zoho CRM allows you to integrate third-party apps and manipulate data through APIs. While you integrate a third-party application, you may want to store the third-party reference IDs in Zoho CRM's records. To meet this need
          • Introducing Zoho Developer: An exclusive developer space to expand the functionality of Zoho products.

            We're pleased to announce a brand new, cost-free addition to the Zoho family: Zoho Developer. This new suite of tools will help our independent partners grow their businesses by building extensions and integrations for many of Zoho's cloud-based business apps. The Developer Console is a comprehensive toolbox that includes all the components needed to build powerful extensions and third-party integrations. By creating pre-built, modular software components, developers can either extend the core functionality

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                                                                                              • Is zoho developer custom solutions platform available at the moment?

                                                                                                Greetings I've read the zoho developer custom solutions documentation in length and i've found this statement: "Due to an overwhelming number of signups, the Custom Solutions beta is temporarily closed for new signups from 19th June 2020. However, existing
                                                                                              • Zoho Sigma and Catalyst IPs for Whitelist

                                                                                                Hi there, We are developing a series of integrations between Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk with an on-premises system for a customer and they have firewall rules to access their server, so they are requesting the list of IPs addresses for our backend calls,
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                                                                                              • How to get an glare/reflection free image using multiple images

                                                                                                Hi, I am working on concept where i have 6 Images which are captured under 6 different illumination condition. Different illumination causes reflection in different places in a captured images. So i have use those images and get one reflection free image without losing/altering any information of image.i did lot of experiments on the collected 6 images but nothing worked......any suggestion it could be helpful for me..Thank you