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                        • Update on the "Reset Password" flow enhancements

                          Greetings, Zoho Directory Admins! This forum post is for every admin user who signed up before March 6, concerning a couple of changes in the Reset password flow, which are set to take effect from June 4. The current flow allows a Zoho Directory admin
                        • Identity Management Day, 2023

                          The second Tuesday of April each year is considered Identity Management Day. Identity Management (IDM), also known as Identity and Access Management (IAM), is a set of practices and policies that helps to manage users' digital identities and ensures that
                        • Security Policies

                          To protect against cyber threats and attacks, organizations need to set up security policies for their employees' accounts. Security policies are rules and regulations for every individual or group using the organization's assets and resources. Enabling
                        • Password Security

                          Passwords are a secure method for authentication, and a way to protect your privacy. In an organization, passwords are the key to accessing authorized data, resources, applications, and more. However, many techniques are used to steal your passwords and
                        • Identity Provider (IdP)

                          An identity provider (IdP) is a digital service that stores and manages identity information for businesses. IdPs provide authentication services to service providers (SPs), such as websites and web applications. A company's IdP holds user credentials

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