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                • Get to your files faster with the latest Zoho Docs iOS update

                  With the iOS 9 update, Zoho Docs also made some new enhancements to its iOS app making it more user-friendly. Take a look at what's new here: Locate files using spotlight search In a hurry to get to a file? No need to open the app. Just type in the file name in your spotlight search and like all other apps, see the list of files from your Zoho Docs account listed in the search result. Click the file name and start working on it right away. Push notifications for shared documents Stay on top of all
                • Datacenter Migration in Zoho Docs

                  Zoho Datacenters are available in these regions: US Europe India Australia China Read Know your datacenter for more details. When you migrate your Zoho account from one datacenter to another (for example, from the US to EU), all of your Zoho services
                • Zoho Docs support now available for Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and Linux-Mint

                  With the latest update, Zoho Docs sync now supports more versions of Linux. Here's a list of all the version supported for Linux: Linux Mint                                   Debian                                   Fedora                                    Ubuntu                                                                             Please note that .DEB packaging has been depreciated in order to simplify the installation process. Now, a common BIN installer is available for all the Linux versions.
                • Live Webinar: Fostering teamwork for seamless collaboration

                  Whether you're dealing with interdepartmental or cross-functional teams, working collaboratively can significantly improve the quality of outcomes. Yet, while most organizations recognize the value of collaboration, many struggle with putting it into practice.   Collaboration enables innovation. It’s what makes teams push their limits and learn new things. Join us for a free webinar Fostering teamwork for seamless collaboration on Feb 13, 2020. We'll explore how moving to Zoho WorkDrive will help
                • Live Webinar: Build successful team collaboration with Zoho WorkDrive

                  Zoho Docs works perfectly for securely storing information and sharing large files. However, when it comes to working as a team and achieving a common goal, a comprehensive, real-time collaboration tool can make a big difference. Effective collaboration—whether at the individual, team, or enterprise level—helps spark creative ideas and drive workplace performance. Join us for a free webinar, Building successful collaborative teams with Zoho WorkDrive on Jan 16, 2020. We'll explore how moving to Zoho

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                                                                                        • Most Discussed Topics

                                                                                        • times are changed to negative in zoho sheet (community post)

                                                                                          When I enter a time, like, say 6:55am, zoho sheets used to put 06:55:00 in the cell. That's how it worked yesterday 11/14/2021. Today, 11/15/2021, zoho sheets puts -17:-05:00 in the cell. That's negative 17 and negative 05. -17 -05 as if it's the time
                                                                                        • Sticky Posts

                                                                                        • Attention: Your Zoho Show community has moved to a new home.

                                                                                          Hello everyone, With the release of the All New Zoho Show, along with the Show apps for Mobile and TV devices, we recognized the need to move the Zoho Presentations sub-forum into a stand-alone community. This new centralized community platform will help to support various questions and information relating to this online presentation software. The new Zoho Shows community is a place for you to discuss and share anything and everything related to Zoho Show Presentations. It includes users from all
                                                                                        • Security Update: Zoho Docs is phasing out TLS 1.0 and 1.1 support

                                                                                          We'd like to draw your attention to an important security update that will take effect on August 31, 2018. As part of our continuous efforts to keep Zoho services secure and reliable, and to meet updated PCI standards, we're phasing out the early TLS protocols—1.0 and 1.1.    What's TLS? Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a cryptographic technology protocol used to provide secure transfer of sensitive information over the internet.   Why is this necessary? According to NIST (National Institute of
                                                                                        • Moving out announcement - Zoho Sheet!

                                                                                          Greetings!   As a way to better interact with our users, the Zoho Sheet team is moving our forum out of the Zoho Docs community and in to its own separate space. This is the first step in creating a stand-alone community for Zoho Sheet. ​ This will help us fit all your queries and posts about Sheet into one community and ensure you receive our forum announcements in a timely fashion. There are also plans down the line to kick-start sessions like "Ask the Experts" and "Tips and Tricks," so make sure to
                                                                                        • Live Webinar - Drive your team towards tighter collaboration

                                                                                          Any project, big or small, involves a lot of planning, strategizing, scheduling, and budgeting. However, how your team executes the project really makes it a success. That's why teams need to work closer, stay dynamic, and be ready when they're needed.    However skilful your team might be, a collaboration platform can make them even more efficient and productive.    With organizations expanding globally, it's not only a challenge for teams to work together, but all to stay on the same page.    To
                                                                                        • Live Webinar: Collaboration Made Simple with Our Brand New Tool

                                                                                          Creating successful work groups when a team is geographically dispersed can be quite challenging. The process of keeping work and tasks in order becomes difficult and collaboration between team members can go haywire.  As a result, companies have shifted the way in which teams traditionally manage and organize their work. More organizations now want an exclusive, convenient place to work together, one that’s accessible by both internal and external collaborators.  That is why we have developed a