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                • Announcements

                • Introducing the all-new Zoho Expense

                  Hello everyone, We are delighted to announce the launch of our newly revamped Zoho Expense. We've brought you a brand-new user interface with power-packed features and a superior user experience, for hassle-free business travel and expense reporting.
                • Authtoken Deprecation for Zoho Expense APIs

                  UPDATE (4 Feb 2021):  We've extended the deadline to 1 July 2021 for converting Authtokens to OAuth. Hello everyone,  The usage of Authtokens to authenticate API calls is being deprecated on 1 July 2021 across Zoho's Finance suite of products, which includes
                • Zoho Expense: Product Updates (July-September, 2020)

                  During the past few months, we've focused on making Zoho Expense compatible across multiple platforms. These set of new enhancements for the mobile and web application can help you sync your expense related data accurately. Apart from unveiling the much awaited Amazon Business integration this month, we've worked on other enhancements such as filtering reports based on the report type to a slew of other iOS updates. Read on to know all the enhancements we have worked on. Amazon Business Integration
                • Zoho Expense: Product Updates for April - June 2020

                  Hello all, We're back with our quarterly update of features added to Zoho Expense. We hope all of you are staying safe. Without further ado, let's run through the notable features developed in the past three months and show how these features can benefit your business. Advanced Autoscan We have made significant enhancements to the autoscan feature by refining its Optical Character Recognition (OCR). The enhanced autoscan extracts line items and data from the expense receipts you upload, with increased
                • Zoho Expense: Product Updates for January - March 2020

                  Hello everyone, I hope all of you are staying safe and healthy. We're all going through unforeseen circumstances, but it's still important not to let expenses pile up for later. So, we have made enhancements to our app that will help you manage your expenses efficiently. Read through all the updates we've rolled out in the first quarter of 2020 and put them to best use while managing your expenses. Attach receipts from Zoho WorkDrive Zoho WorkDrive joins Zoho Expense's list of cloud accounts. You

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                                                                      • Most Discussed Topics

                                                                      • Bulk Update to Card Transactions - i.e Category / Tax etc.

                                                                        We have card multiple transactions - such as software subscriptions that repeat monthly, some have multiple charges in the same month. They have the same tax category, same category, and most are the same amount. It would be great to be able to 'bulk
                                                                      • Card Transactions - Filter by a search term

                                                                        The current filter allows you to filter card transactions by date. It would be amazing to be able to filter them by a search term. We have multiple transactions from a single payee, and rather than use browser search a filter with search term would be
                                                                      • Need help today please -submitted report but email bounced it back

                                                                        My manager's email address has not changed but when I submitted the expense report to him, I got back an email that the message had bounced back.  Very strange. So, I need to submit it again.  I tried sharing it but that didn't get to him either. The
                                                                      • What are the implications of archiving an expense report in Zoho?

                                                                        We would like to archive Approved expense reports after certain period. I checked in some posts from years ago in this community and it was mentioned that the only way to archive approved reports was to reject  and afterwards archive the reports. We find