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                                                                                      • Most Discussed Topics

                                                                                      • Zoho CRM connection: missing COQL scope

                                                                                        The ZOHO CRM connection does not include the COQL scope, which prevents from running COQL requests in custom functions.  The Zoho CRM COQL API documentation states the required scopes for COQL requests: scope=ZohoCRM.coql.READ (and) scope=ZohoCRM.modules.all
                                                                                      • WorkDrive: Fetch file or folder - By keyword

                                                                                        Hey, Zoho Flow has 4 different fetch tasks inside the Zoho Workdrive integration: - Fetch file - By keyword - Fetch file - By name - Fetch file or folder by ID - Fetch folder Would it be possible to have a "Fetch file or folder - By keyword/name" task?
                                                                                      • getRecordsById not working for fetching from Books custom module

                                                                                        The custom function I am working on is pretty simple - I need to fetch a record from a custom module in Books. Here is what i am using: response = zoho.books.getRecordsByID("Countries of Origin",orgID,recordID); info response; OR response = zoho.books.getRecordsByID("cm_shipping_detail",orgID,recordID);
                                                                                      • OneDrive not triggering

                                                                                        Please, I'm in the flow https://flow.zoho.com/#/workspace/default/flows/new_pdf/history. It should trigger whenever a new file is added to One Drive. The connections seems to be ok, but many files already added to the specified folder, and no trigger
                                                                                      • Date / Time Formatting for Analytics

                                                                                        TL;DR - I can't figure out how to format date time info without losing the time portion. I am attempting to use Flow to Create a Row in Analytics every time a row is created in a Google Sheet. The trigger works fine. The action of Creating a Row is a