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                • Export your notes from Notebook!

                  Dear users, The long awaited feature is now live. Yes, you can now export your notes from Notebook app in bulk. But the feature has just started with web app alone for now. You can try the export feature as mentioned below: Go to our web app, https://notebook.zoho.com Go to 'Settings' > 'Export' Now, select the format: You can select either ZNote or HTML Once done, you can use the same to import or can have this a local backup of your notes. Note: Export for other platforms are in development and
                • Integration with IFTTT

                  We're excited to announce the most requested integration from Notebook users: Integration with IFTTT. Yes, Notebook is now integrated with IFTTT which allows you to improve your productivity and focus on what matters to you the most.   Save your favorite
                • Introducing Notebook for Google Workspace

                  Hi All, Zoho Notebook is now available for Google Workspace, allowing you to increase your productivity without having to switch across tabs.   You can save your important emails, back up your File Cards, turn your ideas into documents, and create new
                • Private Sharing - Share notes with only people you choose

                  We know that some of you have been waiting for this feature. Yes, Notebook now supports Private Sharing, where you can share notes with only the people you want.  Private Sharing allows you, the account owner, to share notes securely with people you trust… and only them. To Share a note: 1. Open a note. 2. Click/Tap on the “Add User” icon placed on the action tool bar. 3. Click/Tap  “Add Members" 4. Enter the email address or mobile number of users you want to share the note with. 5. Select the user
                • Introducing Meeting Notes

                  Hi All, We are glad to announce you our new feature, Meeting Notes. Take hassle-free quick notes during an online meeting. All you need to do is just install Notebook Web Clipper on your browser and do an online meeting. Learn More from here, https://www.zoho.com/notebook/blog/introducing-meeting-notes-take-notes-during-online-meetings.html  Kindly try this and post your suggestions. Regards, Kishore Notebook

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                                                                            • Most Discussed Topics

                                                                            • Evernote->Zoho Notebook migration stuck

                                                                              Hello, I am migrating from Evernote but the process has stopped, with no movement for over 24 hours now.  I noted the number of notes transferred over 24 hours ago as 1395, and it's the same now.  The image attached was made a couple of minutes ago. 
                                                                            • Hyperlinks in Notebook

                                                                              Why don't hyperlinks in Notebook notes get clickable automatically? This is a big inconvenience in comparison with Evernote. Or maybe I should make some additional settings?
                                                                            • Clipper catching just part of the page

                                                                              Hi! I'm on a Mac Air running Firefox, all systems up to date. Using the Web Clipper to save a screenshot, only half the page is saving. Here's what the page looks like online: Here's how the same page is saving with the clipper: Expanding that image,
                                                                            • Russian search in Windows-based Notebook

                                                                              Notebook is a great app, however I faced some issues using the Windows-based app. The most annoying one is that I cannot search Russian words across my notes. In English everything is OK. But when I type a word in Russian, I get "Результаты не найдены"
                                                                            • Crashing in Apple

                                                                              Hi, I have both an iPad and Iphone and ever since I installed Notebook about 6 months ago it crashes regularly. Recently it crashed every time I opened the app on either device, this happened for about 2 days. I have no issue with the online app. (I had
                                                                            • Sticky Posts

                                                                            • Migrate your Notebook data to the new, mobile Notebook.

                                                                              Zoho Notebook is transforming. The new version will include exciting new features and a completely new user experience. The initial version will be mobile based, available for Android and iOS. A new web version will be available after the initial mobile release.   With the release of the new Notebook approaching, we're migrating most of your current data to the new version. Once the new version is released, there will be an additional window to migrate your data. We will not provide access to the