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                • Upcoming product workshops: Melbourne and Sydney

                  Hiya folks, We're happy to share that we're organising a series of workshops in May. • Melbourne: 16 May, 2023 at Cliftons, Freshwater Place • Sydney: 18 May, 2023 at Cliftons, Margaret Street We're covering Zoho Analytics, Creator, CRM, and Workplace.
                • Designation

                  Designations play an important role in today's business world. Most organizations have a hierarchical structure, while some others follow a flat structure. In a hierarchical organization structure, the chain of command starts at the top-level management, and the career advancement path for such structures is clear.  On the other hand, a flat organization structure has very few or no levels of organization structure with less levels in the decision making process. No matter the structure, you can
                • Scheduled maintenance activity for Zoho Bookings and Zoho Creator

                  We hope you're all having a great experience with Zoho One! This announcement is regarding some maintenance activity we have scheduled in our India (IN) data centers on Sunday, November 13, 2022, from 3:00 AM to 3:15 AM IST (Indian Standard Time). To
                • Associate Creator with Zoho One

                  How to associate Creator with Zoho One  You can add Creator to Zoho One in one of two ways. Case 1: Sign up for Creator, then associate with Zoho One  Creator consists of three applications: Application Creator, BI & Analytics, and Integration Flow. When
                • Free Zoho education for all!

                  Hey all! I’m Peter, Founder of The Workflow Academy. Besides Zoho itself, we’re the #1 worldwide provider of Zoho education. We’ve been consulting and developing in Zoho for almost 5 years — almost immediately, I recognized that there wasn’t much of an
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                • New sync CRM- Campaigns

                  Hi all, What's the exact deadline to migrate to the new immediate sync system CRM- Campaigns? We're still using the old daily model and it's working fine so far, with no prompts or notifications to migrate. Thanks!
                • Tracking Time Employees use Zoho

                  This seems like a basic feature. Will it be implemented?
                • Can't open desk from Zoho one left menu

                  Desk won't open from the left menu, I also tried open in a new tab. Desk does open as an individual module like the old singles app.
                • Dynamic Attachments

                  In Marketing Automation journeys, when creating an email, you can add "dynamic content" - in other words, you can add specific paragraphs, images, buttons, etc. One thing that isn't available is the ability to add "dynamic attachments" - a different attachment
                • Custom Module

                  I've created a custom module in Zoho Recruit for a separate list outside of qualified candidates. On the module, I use First name and Last Name in separate lines. On the top of the module and when I search a person, it only shows the first name at the

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                                                                                  • Connect with Zoho users from your industry, virtually!

                                                                                    A couple of years ago, we started setting up industry-wise channels for users with similar businesses to chat and discuss Zoho contextually. We started with Real Estate and E-commerce sectors, creating a chatroom and hosting regular meetups on niche areas
                                                                                  • How to Add Users to your Organization in ZohoMail?

                                                                                    A better clarity so you can create other users to start using Zoho Mail. You can directly Add Users from the Control Panel to your Organization. You can invite users with the existing email address. If the person (user) already uses ZohoCRM, then you can import users from Zoho CRM. You can also import them using a .csv file. (if you are planning to add them in Bulk)  In this topic, We will be discussing on how to Add and Invite users only.  The Import options are self explanatory. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                  • Feature update: Advanced security settings

                                                                                    We've previously written about how using security policies could be beneficial for admins. To enable you to better protect your organization, we've come up with a few additional settings for security policies in Zoho One that can be used to regulate your users' web sessions. What are web sessions? A web session refers to the period of time you stay signed in to your Zoho One account. You create a new web session every time you sign in to Zoho One (or any of its included apps), and this session exists

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