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                • Introducing the Submissions sub-module

                  The Submissions sub-module stores candidate submissions made to client-contacts as records, along with other key details. Designed to provide you with an eagle-eye view of all your candidate submissions, this sub-module makes it easier for you to stay
                • Join the Zoho Recruit Canada User Group Meet-Up - Virtually Connect, Learn, and Network!

                  Hello, Zoho Recruit users in Canada! We're thrilled to announce our upcoming Zoho Recruit Canada User Group Meet-Up and this time, we're taking it to the virtual stage! Mark your calendars for an interactive and informative session on the 24th of August,
                • Introducing Validation Rules in Zoho Recruit

                  Dear valued customers, We are excited to announce the introduction of Validation Rules in Zoho Recruit. Validation Rules are an essential addition to our software to help you maintain data integrity and ensure your recruiting process runs smoothly. Validation
                • Introducing the Required Skills field for Job Openings

                  We're excited to announce a new enhancement to the Job Openings module - the Required Skills field, formerly known as the Skillset field. This enhancement brings improved functionality and a fresh UI to help you define your job requirements effortlessly.
                • Expanded data-capturing capabilities with enhanced tabular sections

                  We are thrilled to announce an update to Zoho Recruit that brings even more flexibility and customization to your recruiting process. With the addition of 10 new field types to the tabular sections, you now have the power to enhance your tabular sections
                • Most Discussed Topics

                • Importing profiles from Linkedin

                  Is it possible to import data from more than one linkedin candidate at a time?
                • Importing candidates from LinkedIn

                  Is it possible to import candidates directly from LinkedIn? For example, after hunting for candidates and finding possible fits, can I import their profile information to the platform without having to manually add every field? Is there a google extension
                • Linkedin Limited Listings no longer working..

                  My Linkedin Limited listings job posts are no longer working.. I have checked that it is configured correctly. This message from Linkedin looks like it is no longer available for staffing firms. Is anyone else experiencing this?
                • Recruit SMS Unsubscribe

                  Why is their an option to have an "email opt out" in Recruit but not for SMS? With all the new laws we need to be able to give people the option to opt out of SMS and then ensure they are not messaged again
                • Client host [] and [] blocked using Spamhaus.

                  Hi, We've received this weekend multiple notifications regarding emails being blocked from Zoho Recruit by Spamhaus. Please find the errors below: uncategorized-bounce Diagnostic Message 5.7.1 Service unavailable Client host [] blocked using

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                                                                                  • 🆕 Zoho Recruit - Product Updates - May 2023

                                                                                    Dear all, I hope your work week started on a high note. This month, we’re back with a bunch of new updates to help you hire just better. Please read on to know more. 1) Validation Rules You can now set up a validation rule for specific fields in Zoho
                                                                                  • Join the Zoho Recruit UK User Group Meet-Up - Virtually Connect, Learn, and Network!

                                                                                    Hello, Zoho Recruit users in the UK region! We're thrilled to announce our upcoming Zoho Recruit UK User Group Meet-Up and this time, we're taking it to the virtual stage! Mark your calendars for an interactive and informative session on the 31st of May,
                                                                                  • 🆕 Zoho Recruit - Product Updates - March 2023

                                                                                    Dear all, The last two months, we worked on updates that we believe will make a big impact on the way you work. From scheduling video interviews via MS Teams/Google Meet to making Slack available for customers across all regions, we have our eyes turned
                                                                                  • Zoho Recruit User Group Meet-up— USA 2023

                                                                                    Hello Zoho Recruit users from the USA! We're thrilled to announce that we're coming to, not one, but TWO cities in the USA for the Zoho Recruit user meet-up. Our team will help you better understand the intricate nuances of Zoho Recruit to help you hire
                                                                                  • Zoho Recruit User Group Meet-Up — India 2023

                                                                                    Hello Zoho Recruit users from India, We’re pleased and excited to announce our very first Zoho user group meet-up in India and in FIVE cities! In this meet-up, our team of experts will help you understand the intricate nuances to use Zoho Recruit better,

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