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          • Zoho Social now supports TikTok, Instagram Stories and Reels, and YouTube Shorts

            Hey everyone,   We are excited to inform you that Zoho Social now allows you to publish on TikTok! We've also updated it to let you create Instagram Stories and Reels, as well as YouTube Shorts. Here's a brief about the updates. Publishing on TikTok Connect
          • Facebook and LinkedIn tagging is here on Zoho Social!

            Hey everyone! Here comes one of the most awaited features on Zoho Social.. We now support tagging for Facebook and LinkedIn posts! You can now @ mention or tag Facebook and LinkedIn pages in your posts, besides being able to tag Twitter and Instagram Profiles. To tag or @mention Facebook and Linkedin Pages on Zoho Social, use the '@' symbol followed by the name of the Facebook Page. The New Post box will display matching profile suggestions for you to choose the right one. Select the correct username
          • Introducing hashtag groups and supporting carousel posts for Instagram in Zoho Social

            Hey everyone,   In this Zoho Social update, we've introduced hashtag groups so you can manage all hashtags used across your channels. We've also extended support so you can publish carousel posts on Instagram. Here's a brief about the updates. Hashtag
          • Introducing advanced statistics for TikTok and other Social enhancements

            Dear customer,   We've introduced some exciting and much-awaited updates on Zoho Social. You can now interact with your TikTok videos and do much more. These enhancements will help you publish your Tiktok content smoothly, understand your audience better
          • Advanced statistics for LinkedIn page, posts and monitor @mentions in Zoho Social

            Hello everyone,   We've made enhancements to the Monitor, Reports tabs, and Post Stats for the LinkedIn channel in Zoho Social, so we wanted to briefly share some information about the updates. Monitor LinkedIn mentions  LinkedIn is one of the most popular

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                                                                                              • Most Discussed Topics

                                                                                              • Is it possible to @mention personal LinkedIn profiles?

                                                                                                So far, it seems that I can only mention companies and organisations. Am I doing it wrong or is this currently impossible?
                                                                                              • How do I post to youtube shorts?

                                                                                                It doesn't show an option to select youtube shorts so how do I make sure my video uploads to youtube shorts and not standard youtube?
                                                                                              • issue uploading a video (uh oh etc...)

                                                                                                Hello, I'm faced to an issue. I couldn't upload a video to post using zoho social. Error message is the same as for other users (uh oh etc...) without showing where this issue come from. File is good in every aspects of this : https://help.zoho.com/portal/en/kb/social/faqs/media-and-link-attachments/articles/can-i-publish-posts-with-videos-from-zoho-social
                                                                                              • Unable to connect messenger in Zoho with IG

                                                                                                I have followed the instructions: Follow the steps below before getting started with Instagram DM on Zoho Social. Go to your Instagram Business Profile on your mobile app and head over to Settings. Now click on Privacy followed by Messages. Under Connected
                                                                                              • zoho social email invite can not work

                                                                                                i sent email email invite from zoho social to other users to join my zoho social portal and received the email from the test account, but can not accept the invite, it always shows “Oops! We can't find any invites matching this email address. Please try