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                • Associate multiple sender addresses with your inbox

                  Hello all,   We have recently made changes to the inbox creation flow in Zoho TeamInbox. You can now create and associate multiple sender addresses with your inboxes to use them while sending out emails.   Why should you associate sender addresses with
                • Welcome to the Zoho TeamInbox Community

                  Hello everyone,   We are glad to welcome you to our Zoho TeamInbox' community forum. Let us quickly get started with the what and why of Zoho TeamInbox.   Zoho TeamInbox, from the makers of Zoho Mail, is a shared inbox tool for teams to enhance collaboration,

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                                                                      • Migrating from Front to Teaminbox?

                                                                        Has anyone successfully migrated large, very active Front inboxes, to Teaminbox? Teaminbox seems to be a robust (and much cheaper) replacement for Front, but the conversion of an active and busy shared inbox from Front to Teaminbox is very challenging
                                                                      • HotKeys / Shortcuts

                                                                        are there plans for hot keys? navigating is slow without them. it would be really nice if you could also have the option to switch to Gmail shortcuts, I'm guessing a lot of users are coming from gmail and it makes it easy to switch.  the customizable