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          • An Overview of All the New Updates From Zoho Vault

            Hey everyone, I hope you had a great holiday season! Over the last few months, we released a few new features and enhancements to Zoho Vault. Here's an overview of all the new updates in case you've missed any. Seamless TOTP integration You can now associate
          • Join our exclusive meetup with Zoho's Real Estate community

            Hey there, The Zoho Vault team is conducting a meetup for all real-estate users from Zoho. During this session, we will be discussing the need for secure password management and how Vault can help you and your clients safely protect passwords and other
          • Myki has announced EOL for its services | Learn why Zoho Vault password manager is the best alternative

            Hello Myki users,   Myki has announced end-of-life for its Teams, MSP, and GUARD services, after being acquired by JumpCloud. In their recent announcement, Myki stated that they will be removing their apps and extensions from the respective stores, turning
          • Announcing the public launch of Zoho Vault's new interface

            Hello everyone, As many of you might already know, we launched our completely refreshed web interface (beta) last March and received plenty of feedback from customers and partners worldwide. After working to incorporate your feedback and suggestions,
          • Free Webinar: Go passwordless in 2022 with Zoho Vault

            Passwords have long been the preferred authentication method, largely due to their universal appeal. While they're easy for people to use and implement, they're also convenient for hackers to exploit. Reports from 2021 state that weak and stolen passwords

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                                                                                              • Zoho Vault Last Accessed Report

                                                                                                Is there a way in Zoho Vault to get a report of all stored secrets and the last time that they were accessed and by whom?
                                                                                              • OneAuth not working with iPhone13 FaceID

                                                                                                I have no idea what category this should go into....... When setting up Passwordless access to my Zoho Vault using OneAuth, I chose Face ID on my iPhone13 for access. When trying to access my vault using the Zoho vault app it still only asks for the user
                                                                                              • Sticky Posts

                                                                                              • iOS 12 update: Introducing autofill passwords and Siri Shortcuts in Zoho Vault

                                                                                                With this iOS 12 release, Zoho Vault users can now autofill usernames and passwords on Safari and other third-party apps. Users can enjoy a seamless login experience to their everyday apps without compromising security and also access passwords stored in Zoho vault with Siri Shortcuts by adding personalized phrases. How to enable autofill password on your iOS device? First, you need to update your device to iOS 12.  Apple recommends you to take a backup before you update your device to the latest