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                • Attn. Custom Domain Users

                  Hi All, This is an important announcement for the users of Custom Domain feature in Zoho Wiki, who have pointed their own domain to wiki.zoho.com. We have been permitting the custom domains pointing to wiki.zoho.com and customer-wiki.zoho.com ( ) . We have decided to permit only customer-wiki.zoho.com to support secure access as default. Hence, if you are using custom domain feature and are pointing to wiki.zoho.com as your CNAME/A Record, we request you to change it to customer-wiki.zoho.com
                • Wiki - Latest Updates

                  Hi All, Please have a look at our latest updates below. May 27, 2011 Features Twitter Profile and Search widgets given in widget list. You can allow public to view your company logo in the private wiki login screen. Position of the widget icon in the editor toolbar changed. It is next to Insert Image icon. May 11, 2011 Features / Issues Fixed Switch To menu changed as Zoho Apps. It now lists Zoho services by category. Schedule time added in Watch settings. You can set the time interval when you want
                • https(ssl) site access problem and solution

                  Hi All, You/your visitors may have the following wiki site secure access problem through https(ssl). Please find the solution below. Problem 1: Solution: CNAME or A Record Change Go to you DNS provider admin page Edit CNAME record and change wiki.zoho.com to customer-wiki.zoho.com If you are using godaddy please refer the link http://help.godaddy.com/article/680 Problem 2: Solution: Buy SSL Certificate This will cost[certificate + installation + support and tracking expiry time] around 75$/domain/year.
                • A Round Up - After Wiki 2.0

                  Hi All,   Wiki 2.0 was released in the month of June and this made the year 2010 special for us. Given below is the round up of updates that happened after Wiki 2.0.   Dec 15, 2010 Drag and Drop your files from the desktop directly into the browser for attachment, inserting images or links in editor, and file cabinet. Page sharing notification will be sent through Zoho Feeds while sharing wiki/workspace/pages. Workspace widget is revamped with search and pagination. Wiki and workspace navigation,
                • Grand Release of Zoho Wiki 2.0

                  Hi All, We are pleased to announce the Grand Release of Zoho Wiki 2.0. See our blog http://blogs.zoho.com/general/introducing-zoho-wiki-2-0 and What's New section http://wiki.zoho.com/What-is-New.html Please try our new features and let us know your comments/feedback/clarifications/issues. Happy Wiking Mano
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                • URGENT: Is Wiki demise imminent? Timeline?

                  To my horror, today I see at https://www.zoho.com/wiki/ "Zoho Wiki is now Zoho Learn". I don't know if this is a new message, but regardless, this type of message suggests that at some point Zoho Wiki will no longer be Zoho Wiki. 1. I would appreciate

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