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        • The most awaited Client Portal is now live!

          Hello,   We're here with one of the biggest features for Zoho Workerly— Client Portal.   While many still feel emails and video conferencing tools are an excellent way to communicate with clients, the nuance of email and the consequent loss of productivity
        • Job Roster in the Shifts module

          Hello, Starting today, Zoho Workerly will feature a Job roster along with a roster view for Temps. You'll be able to view the Jobs roster using the Job icon on the top right. The different jobs can be seen with green or red colour indicating the job status.
        • Manage Timesheets effectively with Zoho Workerly

          Hi there! Welcome to Zoho Workerly's Forum - A community created for our customers to interact with the team of Workerly. You could post any query, share feedback or even send us suggestions to help us, help you better. We promise to keep you updated with our announcements, enhancements, discussion, tips and hacks to use the product better, and most importantly be available to assist you. And we're kickstarting this by addressing timesheet management in our first post.  Manual data entry into timesheets
        • Create Jobs right from the Shifts module

          Hello, Even though you knew what and when a particular temp works, you still had to go to the jobs module, select a job, find matching temps, and then assign them. We just made your job easier. Select your temp or temps, and create a job from under the
        • Introducing the Shifts module

          Hello,   We're back with a very useful update this time.   Shifts is now a module inside Zoho Workerly! Now, you can view the shifts of assigned temps in a click.   Using the filter, you can drill down into who's working when, the job they're assigned

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