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        Our support plans
        From providing guided onboarding to round-the-clock technical assistance, our wide range of support plans cover businesses of all sizes.
        For SMEs
        Classic Support
        Are you a growing company with a tight budget? Classic support services are available by default with your Zoho subscription, You can reach out to our support team through email, call, or chat, or request for a remote assistance session.
        Premium Support
        Schedule guided one-on-one onboarding sessions with our product experts and get 24-hour multi-channel assistance.         Premium support gives you that extra boost you need to configure and successfully roll out your new Zoho subscription for your business.
        For Larger Businesses
        Enterprise Support
        With a dedicated point of contact assigned to cater exclusively to your business, Enterprise Support is an all-in-one service that combines prioritized issue resolution with Strategic Account Management, insight-driven guidance, and pre-emptive support.
        • A dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) who works in conjunction with your company, prioritizing and managing all your product, support, and service requirements to deliver a personalized experience.
        • 24/7 multi-channel support with a quick response time
        • Quarterly feature-usage reports with recommendations and best practices to optimize performance.
        • Early access to new product features with free demos on how to use them.
        • Access to all documented resources and developer guides.

        Zoho CRM's Support Tiers

        Available by default with a paid subscription of any Zoho product.
        Costs 20% of your Zoho subscription fee
        Costs 25% of your annual Zoho subscription fee.
        (with min. 75 user licenses for Zoho One, and min. 50 user licenses for other products that offer Enterprise Support)

        Knowledge base
        Access our collection of detailed product documentation articles, eBooks, videos, and more. Go ˃

        Community forums
        Ask questions, find answers, stay informed, and participate in discussions with the Zoho user community. Go ˃

        Self-service portal
        View all your support requests, raise new requests, and get assistance from our support team. Go ˃

        Email support

        Live chat support
        8 hours, 5 days/week
        24 hours, 5 days/week
        24 hours, 7 days/week
        Phone support
        Call our toll-free phone numbers or request a call from our support representatives
        8 hours, 5 days/week
        24 hours, 5 days/week
        24 hours, 7 days/week
        Remote assistance
        Share your device screen with our support representatives for troubleshooting and issue resolution.

        Acknowledgement & initial response time
        8 Hours
        3 Hours
        1 Hour
        Dedicated Technical Account Manager
        A single point of contact from Zoho who works exclusively with your company and offers prioritized support.

        Quarterly report (feature usage reports + feature recommendations)
        A report of your product/feature usage with suggestions and best practices to optimize performance.

        Early access to new features

        Note: Premium and Enterprise Support are currently available for Zoho CRM, CRM plus, Zoho Desk and Zoho one.

          Support Services
          Turnkey Solutions
          If you're a mid-sized to large business looking for seamless, end-to-end implementation of our products for your company, Zoho Enterprise Business Solutions (EBS) is your best bet. Our solutions team will take charge, customize and deploy the most efficient solutions for you, as per your requirements and help you optimize your business processes.

            Configuration help
            Want to cut the initial set-up time and get the ball rolling? We got you covered. With Jumpstart, you can get a dedicated expert to set up and configure your Zoho product for your business. We know that as a business owner, minimizing the time it takes to go from buying software to have it work the way you want it to, is a top priority, So, sit back while we help you get started!
              Product Training
              Register for our personalized, hands-on training courses and allow our expert trainers to coach you on everything you need to know about your Zoho product set up, best practices, and much more! The best part? Product training is available both online and on-site. So, no matter where you are, we’ll come to You.

                Get the most out of Zoho with personalized Product Onboarding. Our onboarding specialists will walk you through your Zoho product/suite in a series of one-on-one sessions. This way, you'll learn how to efficiently set up and configure the product for your company's unique needs.

                    Talk to us!
                    Get in touch with our support team via email, call, or chat. You can also tweet us @zohocares

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                      Check out what our customers are saying!
                      Often with tech support, it can be difficult to understand what's being explained due to technical language. Or vice versa, it can sometimes be difficult for us to explain in proper terms, what we're trying to accomplish. However, our Zoho support rep was not only very friendly and helpful but could also understand and patiently explain complex technical processes in very understandable terms.
                      Zoho support handled the implementation of Zoho CRM for our company and the migration of data from Salesforce. Our support rep took the time to brainstorm with me and understand how I could integrate Zoho more successfully for my sales team. His highly developed sense of responsibility ensures that projects are handled efficiently and within the set timeline.