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Troubleshoot SAML related errors

Error Message
Your organization has configured SAML authentication, please sign in via SAML credentials
You cannot sign in to your Zoho account via any linked account, if your organization has mandated you to sign in only through SAML SSO.
  1. Enter your email address/username/mobile number in the Zoho sign-in page and click Next.
  2. You will be redirected to your identity provider where you can sign-via your linked accounts such as Google, Facebook.
Signature Validation failed
The private key used for signing the SAML Response at IdP and the uploaded public key do not match.
Upload the new certificate to the Zoho admin portal, and then save and activate the change.
You are not a registered SAML user. Please register before using SAML authentication
The user does not belong to that particular organization.
The email address you have entered might not be registered under the specified Zoho Organization.
Authentication failed
Your login at the Identity Provider has failed.
  1. You might have entered Invalid credentials. Recheck the username and password provided at IdP.
  2. You are not authorized to access the application, or the App is not assigned to you by the identity provider.

Invalid SAML response received
Response format invalid.
IdP issue or the response is corrupted.
Destination attribute is not present
The destination attribute in your SAML response does not match the ACS URL.
The destination attribute must be the same as ACS URL.
Invalid subject confirmation data specified
SubjectConfirmationData is invalid if: It has a Recipient value that does not match the current URL target where the response is being validated.
Recheck your SAMLresponse and try again.
Email address not valid
The email address or login name provided is not valid
Please specify a valid email address and make sure the NameID format is Email Address.
No such organization
Your organization details don't exist at Zoho
Provide a valid organization ID or domain_name. You can see the organization ID or domain_name in the downloaded metadata file at Zoho.
SAML is not enabled. Please contact your administrator.
SAML is disabled in Zoho, or SAML was never configured for your organization.
Enable SAML at Zoho Accounts for your organization.
SAML is not enabled for your account. Please sign-in using zoho credentials.
You are trying to use IdP-initiated flow. Your organization does not allow this.
Log in using Zoho credentials or contact your organization admin to grant access.
Domain mismatch occurred. Please contact your administrator.
JIT is enabled for your organization. Domain is not registered at Zoho. The domain present in the email received doesn't match with a registered organization domain.
Make sure you are signing in using the right domain.
User cannot provision users as limit has exceeded. Please contact your organization admin.
Users limit has been exceeded.
Contact Zoho Accounts support to increase count (limit).
You are not a registered organization user. Please contact org admin to enable login
User is not present on our records.
Contact your organization administrator to add users under the organization.
SAML configuration failed. Please try again.
This error occurs when there is an unexpected issue in Zoho Accounts.
Please contact Zoho Support
Your request does not match with the SAML configuration in the identity provider
The issuer and ACS URL do not match with the one downloaded from your Zoho account.
Download the metadata file from the SAML authentication section of your Zoho account and upload it to your identity provider again.
Organization does not exist.
The domain name/id in the ACS URL does not match with the one generated in your Zoho account.
Download the meta data file from the SAML authentication section of your Zoho account and upload it to your identity provider again
SAML request is not received in the specified time range. Change the Time and Date settings of your IdP server to automatic or try again.
Your Identity Provider has set a specified time range for Zoho server to accept its SAML request.
Check the time and date settings on your machine.
Check your internet connection. The issue may arise due to network delays.

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