Federated sign-in email conflict | Troubleshooting - Zoho Accounts

Your {IdP} email address has been changed and there are two different Zoho accounts exist with your previous and current email address

What happened?

If your email address has been changed in Google, Facebook, or Twitter and you have linked it with your Zoho account, your email address will be automatically updated in the Zoho servers. However, if another Zoho account already exists with that new email address, your sign-in attempt will fail.

For example:
Consider you have created a Zoho account that is linked with your facebook account which has the email address john@zylker.com. Now, you have changed your facebook email address to david@zylker.com. If there is no existing Zoho account with the email address david@zylker.com, your Zoho account will be automatically updated with this new email address. However, if there already exists a Zoho account with the email address david@zyllker.com, then you will be shown this error, as two different Zoho accounts cannot have the same email address.

How to resolve this issue?

To resolve this issue, you need to choose either one of the below options:
  1. Change the email address of your Google, Facebook, or Twitter account.
  2. Remove the email address from your other Zoho account (i.e., the one that is causing the conflict), if you have access to it.
  3. Close the other conflicting Zoho account.

However, if you wish to sign in with the old email address for your Zoho account (i.e., without updating your Zoho account with your new email address), then you can sign in with the following steps.
  1. You will need access to the inbox of that email address.
  2. Signing in with the federated account will still throw the error.
  1. Go to the Zoho sign-in page.
  2. Enter the email address, then click NEXT. An OTP will be sent to the inbox of the email address.
  3. Enter the OTP received, then click SIGN IN.

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