Troubleshooting Run as Service

Troubleshooting Run as Service

What is Run as Service in Assist Remote Support Session?

If you use Assist Remote Support with a standard user account, the application will begin with less privileges. Any admin-level operations such as accessing an application by right click and "Run as administrator" or accessing any secure desktops like Windows UAC would not be possible to perform via the session which results in screen freeze in the technician end. In order to perform such elevated operations, we need to elevate the assist application with high privileges using the "Run as Service" option.

How does the elevation process work?

During the elevation process, we will get the local admin credential from the technician via Assist UAC as shown in the figure below

Then the technician need to choose the pre-populated local admin names from the drop down box or enter the local administrator credentials in the Assist UAC in the following format:

  1. <domain>\username

  2. <machine_name>\username

  3. username@domain


If the proper credentials have been provided, it will be validated against the windows authentication mechanism, followed by windows UAC consent pop-up at the remote end.

  • The end user needs to approve to proceed further.

  • Below pop-up will appear and the end-user should select 'Yes'.



After receiving approval from the end user, the Assist screen-sharing application will be relaunched with the appropriate admin privileges.


Note: Unless the Assist Remote Support configuration is uninstalled on the remote system, consecutive sessions on the same machine will be initiated in service mode by default.




1. Why Assist UAC dialog is not displayed?

  1. Network slow at the remote end and it will appear when the respective cmd reached the remote machine.

  2. If the desktop has any priority windows or dialogs, the Assist UAC may be hidden from view. So, to display the Assist UAC, minimize the unnecessary application windows and dialogs.

  3. If the session has been taken on desktop with multiple monitors attached, the Assist UAC may be displayed in any of the secondary monitor. Try switching monitors in viewer section once.


2. Getting "Username or password is incorrect " or "Logon unsuccessful"?

  1. The above dialog box indicates that either the username or the password is wrong. Login is unavailable with the respective user credentials.

  2. Try and login using pre-populated local admin accounts available in the username dropdown box.

  3. If you're still having problems elevating, follow the below steps

  1. Open cmd prompt by Start -> run -> cmd

  2. Type the following cmd,  "runas /user:domain\username notepad.exe"

For example, If I had a user named "Dave Maria", the command would be 

"runas /user:mydomain\Dave Maria notepad.exe" (without quotes)

  1. This will display a password prompt on the terminal screen. When the user enters the appropriate password, a notepad instance is launched on the user's desktop.

  2. Try the same user credentials on the Assist UAC.


3. Azure Admin credentials are not working in Assist UAC?

  1. The Azure machines joined might not have pushed the domain administrator accounts as local admins in the machines. This results in "logon unsuccessful" error message in the Assist UAC.

  2. This should be resolved via Azure by adding the "Azure domain administrators in the Local Administrators Group".

  3. There are two ways in which we can achieve the above:

      1. By command line method on the remote machine (Single):

          • Log on to the PC as the AZURE AD user for whom you wish to be a local administrator. This loads the GUID into the computer.

          • Open a command line utility instance as an administrator in the remote machine and use the below command to add the user to the Local Admin group in the machine.
            For example, If I had a user named "Dave Maria", the command would be
            "net localgroup administrators MyAzureAD\Dave Maria /add" (without quotes)


              b.   By Azure refresh policy (Bulk): Reference link


c.   Follow it by restarting the machine and join a new session in Assist. Try again to elevate with the Azure Admin credential that you have added as Local Admim.



4. Getting the prompt as "You are unable to view the remote computer's screen since you have tried to carry out administrative tasks without running in service mode"


  1. The above message appears when you try to do any elevated operation before elevating the session which is running as standard user desktop.

  2. Operations such as "Right click on any app -> Run as Administrator" or Accessing any Windows UAC triggering applications may result in screen freeze in the technician end.

  3. Wait for your customer to respond to the prompt on the remote machine. Now try to elevate from start.


5. Getting "A required privilege is not held by the client" or "Access denied"?


  1. This error occurs in cases of attempts to copy or create a file inside a directory with no sufficient permissions or privileges. In other words, this error occurs when you try to copy, paste, or modify something inside Windows folders and Microsoft does not allow unauthorized access to the Windows installation.

  2. The local administrator doesn't have necessary permissions like (Read/Write/Modify) files in the following folders

  1. %programdata%\ZohoMeeting\

  2. %localappdata%\ZohoMeeting\ (Current running user account)

       3. Give necessary permissions to the respective local admin user by the following      method:

  1. Navigate to any of the above mentioned folder paths, then right click on it  -> click "Properties"



b.   And then click "Security tab", Click on "Edit" button


c. Now select the Desired local Admin user for which we need to enable permission from the list.




d. If the desired local admin is not available in the list, click the "Add" button & then search for the username in the text area & click check names, which will list the user accounts containing the substring. Select the desired local admin.



d.  Then enable the check box, "Full control" under the Allow section.

e.  Now click ok on the dialogs to apply the permission change on the respective folder.


6.  Failed with error "The system cannot find the file specified":

(Pending dialog screenshot)

  1. This occurs when the necessary files for the elevation are missing from the Assist Remote Support configuration folder.

  2. To overcome this issue, end the current session and uninstall the existing Remote Support configuration by Navigating to the "Control Panel"-> Uninstall a Program -> Click on the "Zoho Assist" entry and choose uninstall

  3. Now wait for a few seconds until the instance got removed.

  4. Once the instance is removed, join a new session in the remote machine.


7. Failed with "The specified service does not exist as an installed service":


The above dialog box implies that the elevation has been initiated successfully by validating the admin credentials but the service installation has been failed during the run time. Contact support with logs & screenshot to get it resolved.


8. If you are unable to troubleshoot yourself, you can contact support with the necessary data as follows:

  1. Screenshot of the exact error message you got during the process of elevation

  2. Zip the necessary logs from the remote machine:

  1. Start -> Run -> Type "%localappdata%\ZohoMeeting\

  2. Right click on the folder named as "log" & choose "Compress to zip"

  3. Start -> Run -> Type "%programdata%\ZohoMeeting\

  4. Right click on the folder named as "log" & choose "Compress to zip"

  1. Now send us all these files to our support team <> via the e-mail.



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