FAQs on on-site and online events in Zoho Backstage

Events (on-site, online, and hybrid)

General event questions

Where are my events listed?

Your events will be listed in the Events tab that is accessible from the top bar in your portal.

How many events can I create inside a portal?

The number of events you can have in a portal depends on the pricing plan you've have chosen. Take a look at the plans here for more details.

How do I make my event live?

Click the Publish button at the top-right corner of the Microsite Builder to publish your event. Publishing will make your event's microsite accessible to everyone.

Can I change my event's name after I have made it live?

Yes, you can still change its name in the Event details tab or in the Design tab of the Microsite Builder, after you've made your event live. Republish your changes to ensure that your microsite is up to date. If you want to update the URL, you can unpublish and then republish your event.

Can I modify event details, like the description or the date, after I've made it live?

Yes, you can do this in the Event details tab in the Microsite Builder. After you're done, just republish your event to update your microsite.

How do I ensure that the changes I make to an event in Backstage are up to date in the live microsite?

When you make a change to your event, you'll notice that the Publish button has been modified to Republish and displays a red dot next to it in the top-right corner. Click the Republish button to update changes.

Where can I save my event details once I've entered them?

All the information you've set up for your event will be automatically saved.

Can I make my event microsite exclusive to a certain audience?

Yes, you can. Simply click the Manage access link in the Event microsite access area in the Event details tab. Next, choose the Public or Private option in the resulting pop-up. Making a microsite public will allow anyone on the internet with the URL to access it. Setting it as private will only allow access to the email domains you have provided. For everyone else, only the Home page of the microsite will be visible.

This setting applies to everyone except portal team members, event team members, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors.

How do I see which of my events in Backstage have ended?

After an event has ended, it will be labeled "Completed". To find your completed events click the Events tab on the top bar in your portal and click Past.

How do I delete my event?

To delete your event, click the Events tab in your portal. Then, click the dropdown menu for an event and select Delete.

Can I re-visit an event that has completed?

Yes, you can re-visit your event at any time from the Events tab in your portal. Attendees can also view the event's microsite as long as you keep it live.

Can I re-use an event that has already been created?

Yes, although this will affect the existing live microsite for that particular event. If that's ok, just make sure that you update event information before you republish it.

Can I take down an event's live microsite once it's completed?

You can take down your event by unpublishing it. Open an event and click the dropdown menu on the right of your screen. Next select Unpublish.

Online events

Can you convert a location-based event to an online event?

Yes, you can. To convert an event, find the event in the Events tab of your portal and click the Convert into online event option from the associated dropdown menu. All the details from your old event will be available in your new online event, except the location details of the event and session hall details from the agenda. To update your event type in the live microsite, click the Republish option. Keep in mind that you will not be able to change an event's type once it has started or after it is completed.

How many people can participate in sessions presented with the Backstage OnAir webcast service?

Backstage OnAir allows you to webcast your session to a maximum of 400 attendees.

What is the session capacity when using webcast services other than Backstage OnAir?

The session capacity for online events hosted in Backstage depends on the webcast service you're integrated with. If you select a webcast service other than the default option (Backstage OnAir), the session capacity will depend on the subscription plan you have set up with that service.

Does the event capacity depend on the session capacity of the webcast service?

No, the event capacity does not depend on the session capacity of your webcast service. However, when adding ticket classes in the Tickets tab of the Microsite Builder, you will be notified about the attendee limit in the webcast service you've selected. This is to keep you aware of the capacity of your webcast service and prevent technical issues during the session presentation.

Can I upload a presentation for my session when I select a webcast service other than Backstage OnAir?

No. You cannot upload presentations for sessions when you are using other webcast services like Zoho Meeting, Zoom, or third-party tools. However, in the case of Zoho Meeting and Zoom, you can display your presentation from your local system during the session by sharing your screen with others.

To upload and use presentations for your sessions directly in Backstage, select the Backstage OnAir webcast service.

Which users from Zoom can use the Zoom Webinar integration?

Only Zoom Webinar users can use the Zoom Webinar integration. These users must be part of the Pro plan or a higher plan in Zoom and must also hold a webinar license to conduct sessions.

How are speakers referred to in Zoom?

Speakers are known as panellists in Zoom.

Do speakers need to manually create a Zoho account to present a session?

No. Speakers do not need to manually create a Zoho account to conduct sessions. When a speaker is invited by the event organizer, an account will be automatically created for them that will provide access to the event microsite. Speakers can sign in to the event microsite using their email address, then present sessions. Hosts can manage sessions directly from Backstage. In the case of Zoom, users must hold a license.

How do speakers sign in to the event?

Speakers can sign in to the event microsite using their email address. Once signed in and after their session has begun, they should click their User Avatar in the top-right corner and select the My sessions option from the resulting menu. In the following page, all of the sessions that the speaker has been added to will be displayed. To enter a session, click the Join button for it.

How do speakers start broadcasting their session?

A session can only be started by a host, such as an event organizer or an event staff. After the speaker has joined the session from their account in the event microsite, the host can grant session control to the speaker.

To do this, click the People tab in the left pane. Click the Trainers tab, select the speaker, and click the Transfer session control option. Once the speaker is done with their part, session control can be reclaimed back by clicking the Revoke session control option associated with the speaker's name, or the Take session control option associated with your name.

How many speakers can use their web-camera during a session with Backstage OnAir?

Only one speaker can use their web-camera during a session when using Backstage OnAir. This is the speaker to whom session control has been provided.

Can event organizers, staff members, and speakers start a session?

Event organizers or staff members can start sessions if they are added as hosts. If you are using Zoho Meeting or Zoom as your webcast service, these users must also be part of Zoho Meeting or license holders in Zoom to be added as a session host. In the case of speakers who are invited to the session, they must join from the event microsite to conduct sessions.

How many speakers can present a session?

You can invite 10 speakers to present in a session.

Can I present sessions without adding a host?

No. Sessions must be configured with at least one host in order to present on event day. Sessions without hosts will not be synced and can't be presented.

Can a session host run multiple sessions in parallel?

No. A session can be presented only by one host. To host multiple sessions at one time, each session must be presented by a different host.

Can attendees speak during a session?

Yes, they can. This option is available for both the Backstage OnAir, Zoho Meeting, and Zoom webcast services. In the case of Zoho Meeting, a session host must first give permission for the attendee to speak.

How do ticket holders join the event?

Ticket holders or event attendees can join event and particiapte in sessions by signing in to the event microsite using their email address or ticket ID. Once signed in, they can click the banner at the top of the page to be automatically checked in to the event and to view the session list. Then, they can click the Join button for any session they want to participate in.

How can speakers join a virtual event in Zoho Backstage?

Speakers can access the event microsite and sign in with their email address to conduct sessions in the event.

Online events with OnAir

The following are recommended browsers that you can use:
  1. Chrome version=72.0 and above
  2. Firefox version=52.0 and above
  3. Vivaldi version=2.0 and above

Can speakers present sessions from their mobile devices?

No, we currently don't have mobile support for speakers to present sessions.

Can I present sessions from the Organizer mobile app?

No, we currently don't have mobile support for Organizers to present sessions.

Can an attendee join a session hosted on Backstage OnAir from a mobile device?

Yes, attendees can join sessions using the Backstage Attendee app. We support both iOS and Android.

Yes, attendees can get an ICS file when they receive the confirmation email for their ticket purchase. However, please ensure that the Attach agenda as an ICS file option is switched on for that specific email in the Automated emails tab to include this file in emails that are sent.

What are networking tables?

Networking tables facilitate impromptu communication similar to round table discussions at physical events. For online events, when using Backstage OnAir as your webcasting service, you can set up networking tables before the event in the Networking tab under the Virtual tab in the Manage Dashboard. You can enable options such as chat, video streaming, polls, or screen sharing for everyone at the networking table. You can also make tables available to everyone, or exclusive to certain people, such as speakers or sponsors.

Once an attendee joins a table, they can see who else is at the table and unmute their mic to speak to them. By default, event team members can join networking tables at any time to take part in the discussion, or just observe the conversation. Event members who join networking tables can manage ongoing interactions by muting or unmuting the mics, or pausing the video stream of participants.

Hybrid events

What are hybrid events?

A hybrid event is a combination of a location-based event and an online event. In Backstage, when you create a hybrid event, you are allowed to add a location from where you event will take place physically, and also set up a webcasting service to stream your physical event for attendees online. You can also view how many people are at the physical event location or attending the event remotely using the filters in the Check in tab under the Conduct Dashboard.

What is mode of attending in hybrid event tickets? How many options for mode of attending are there?

Mode of attending can be set for a ticket category, which determines how the ticket holder can attend your event. There are three options to set up the mode of attending for ticket categories: Venue only, Online only, and Venue and online.

Event cancellation

Can I cancel my event?

If you are a user with portal-level permissions, you can cancel any live or running event. To do so, click the dropdown menu for any event in the Events tab in your portal and select the Cancel option. Follow the provided steps to automatically cancel any tickets that have been sold, and send emails to all event participants regarding the event's cancelation.

How do I inform my attendees about an event cancellation?

When you cancel an event, you will be prompted to enter a message. Here, you can write a message saying that the event is canceled, provide the reason, and add anything else you want to let microsite visitors know. This message will be visible in a top banner in your event microsite. You can modify the message at any time by looking it up in the Customize text tab under the Design tab of the Microsite Builder and editing it.
You will also be asked to enter another message where you can provide a reason for cancelation which will be emailed to all the attendees registered to your event.

What will happen to the event microsite after I cancel the event?

When you cancel an event, all online registrations will be closed. You can decide if you want to keep the microsite live or unpublish it. If you choose to keep the event microsite live, you can hide outdated information or modify content in any of the pages as necessary.

How can I refund paid tickets that are canceled?

When you cancel a ticket, refunds will be done through online or offline modes based on how the ticket was purchased. In the case of event cancelation, all online tickets will be canceled automatically, and refunds will be initiated in the same mode of payment the attendees used to purchase the ticket. For offline refunds, you can choose the method of your convenience such as a bank transfer. However, you will have to manually mark the order as canceled and refunded offline in the Order summary tab under the Manage Dashboard in Backstage.

Can I partially refund tickets in an order?

Yes. When you pick an order in the Order summary tab, select the tickets in that order that you want to refund in the resulting panel. Enter the partial amount against each ticket, then click the Cancel and refund option.

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