Glossary of Zoho Backstage terms

Backstage glossary

A/B testing
An experiment used by Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) platforms where two versions of a website are compared to analyze which one performs better. This is also called split testing or bucket testing.

Access code
An alphanumeric code that reveals a hidden ticket class with tickets that may or may not have a discount. Purchasers can enter this code during checkout to access ticket classes that are hidden to the general public. 

A person who is a part of a portal and has the permission to create, modify, and organize events in the portal.

A third-party (person or organization) who markets your event for a commission. 

Affiliate link
A unique URL for your microsite that contains the affiliate's name to help track how many visitors visit your microsite from that affiliate. Give this link to an affiliate to add to their website or blog and keep track of how many visits and orders come through that affiliate.

A timeline of the schedule for your event day.

Event-related notifications made by you after your event is published; updated everywhere in real-time.

APNS .p12 file
A certificate provided by the Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) platform to enable apps to send push notifications from third-party services.

App Name
The name of the app as displayed in the App Store or Play Store. 

A person who reassigns his ticket to someone else.

A person who holds a ticket to your event.

Backstage mobile app
A mobile application that attendees can download to follow the event and get related notifications.

A token that is used for identification purposes at your event. It may contain information about the event or event participant depending on how it is designed.

A smart badge builder from Zoho Backstage that allows event organizers to design and generate badges for event participants. 

Badge credits 
Badge credits are tokens that you can purchase in Zoho Backstage to generate the badge designs you've created.

Badge layout
The basic arrangement of the badge where you can modify the size and orientation of the badge. 

Badge template
A pre-formatted badge that contains the basic design elements which can be modified. It is a starting point and can be customized to meet your needs. 

Banner ad
A digital ad displayed on websites and blogs.

Base currency
The currency you will receive payment from your ticket sales in. This will be determined by your payout country you set.

A space where exhibitors can showcase their products or services to interested attendees at an event and also hold meetings with them.
Booth admin
A booth member who can do all the activities that booth members are allowed to do and also has extra privileges with respect to managing booth activities.
Booth category
A tier or level that a booth is assigned to based on its price or facilities made available buy the event organizer.
Booth facilities
The amenities or benefits made available for a booth category
Booth member (Primary exhibitor)
A person who applies for an exhibitor booth or a person who is invited to booth in order to exhibit at an event. The person who applied for an exhibitor booth is also known as the primary booth member or primary exhibitor.
Booth visitors
Interested attendees who come to an exhibitor's booth at an event or attend meetings with the exhibitor.

Bundle Identifier
A unique name that is used to identify an iOS app. It is created automatically when you create an app.

Where conversations happen among a select group of people. They are of two types: public channels and private channels.

Check in
The action of registering attendees on event day

Supporting files that are uploaded by exhibitors for meetings with booth visitors. Collateral can provide information on the exhibitor's product or service and can be in video or PDF files format.

A potential customer with whom you have built a steady line of communication with the aim of converting them into a customer.

Content library
A collection of files related to your event.
For example, the Presentation library holds all of the presentations for your sessions.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
The process of optimizing a website by modifying certain elements to encourage visitors to perform a certain action. By tracking your event microsites with CRO platforms, you can find out which sessions in your event are most popular with visitors, which speakers they are most interested in, and which countries the majority of your traffic is from. 

Cover photo/video
An image or video related to your event that will be prominently displayed on your microsite. This can also be used for promotions.

Custom Field 
A pre-formatted field that is ready for use. For example: website, company, and email address. 

The currency your event tickets will be sold in.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
The management of customer data and communication to build better business relationships. By integrating your Backstage portal with a CRM platform, you can convert your attendees and guests into leads and contacts and analyze your sales and profits. 

Discount code
An alphanumeric code that offers a reduction in the price of a ticket. Purchasers can enter this code when purchasing tickets to get the discount.

The primary internet address that your subdomain will be a part of by default. This is provided by Zoho Backstage.

DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM)
An open, DNS-based email authentication method that is used to ensure that an email has not been altered in transmission. For more information, click here.

Domain Name System (DNS)
A naming system for devices connected to the internet or private network that translates a domain name to machine readable Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.

Event console
The view for a specific event. You can see the dashboard and session list, promote the event and track its progress, upload session presentations and microsite images, see attendee details and schedule emails.

Exhibitor pass
A virtual pass that enables someone to exhibit at an event.

A small graphic for your microsite that is displayed in the browser tab, address bar, bookmark list, and links tab.

FCM Server Key
A key provided by the Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) service to allow an Android app to send push notifications from third-party services.

An action to make a speaker or a session stand out from the rest. Featured items will be displayed on the 'Home' page of your event microsite.

Any part of the user interface in the event microsite

Firebase Config
A file that permits access to the tools and services in Firebase, Google's mobile platform for developing apps. 

Form Builder
The view where you can customize your form. You can also add new form fields, edit them, or make fields mandatory from here. 

Funnel analysis
An experiment used by Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) platforms to identify key drop-off points in the microsite by tracking visitors' journey through the microsite. This is used to figure out when microsite visitors leave a particular page. 

GA tracking code
A unique tracking code that Google Analytics uses to retrieve data from websites. This code should be added to a website's HTML code.

A page where you can upload a collection of media files that is connected to your event.

An experiment used by Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) platforms to measure or track a certain activity on a microsite.

GTM tracking code
A unique tracking code that Google Tag Manager uses to retrieve data from websites. This code should be added to a website's HTML code.

A person who is allowed to take part in your event without a ticket.
For example, members of the press, VIPs, family members, or others.

Guest pass
A complimentary admission that allows attendees to access your event and its microsite without a ticket.

An experiment used by Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) platforms to study how visitors interact with a microsite by tracking where they click, how far down they scroll, and which parts of the microsite they spend the most time on.

The place where you session will be held. This might also be a booth, room, auditorium, etc.

Documents or visual aids you can upload for your session which can include summarized information from your session, key takeaways, or relevant graphics and charts. Attendees can download them during the session to review what is being shared.

No glossary terms for this entry.

No glossary terms for this entry.

Keystore file
A file used to identify the developer of an Android app. This is used for security purposes and contains cryptographic keys in the binary Java Key Store format.

Launcher Name
The name of the app as displayed on the home screen of the mobile device.

Lead (exhibitors)
A booth visitor at an event who is interested in an exhibitor's products or services making them a potential customer for the exhibitor's brand or company.

A symbol or insignia associated with your event.

A formatting language used to style text in your announcements and channel messages. You can highlight words, enclose quotations in blockquotes, or link text to a different page.

A mobile-responsive and feature-rich website for your event.

Microsite builder
The view where you can enter basic event details, set up your agenda, add speakers and other organizers, configure tickets, and design a microsite for your event. You can access this view by clicking the Edit button for any event.

No glossary terms for this entry.

A person who arranges events and runs the whole show on event day.

.p12 file
A file that contains all the digital certificates Apple needs to develop and publish apps on the App Store.

Package name
A unique name that is used to identify an Android app. It is created automatically when you create an app.

Payment gateway
Software that processes online payments.

Payout country
The country your bank is located in. All payments will be sent to you in the currency of this country. For example, if you set USA as your payout country, you will receive payments in USD.

The grey text that appears inside a form field. It contains instructional information to help users figure out what to type.

A homepage for the events put on by your agency, brand, or organization.

A view of your event microsite before it's hosted online. It can be shared with your event team so that everyone can get a sneak peek.

Privacy and terms
A collective name for privacy policy and terms of use.

Privacy policy
A legal document that explains to customers how their information will be used. It is mandatory for all services that collect personal information from customers to have a privacy policy.

Personal information about an organizer or speaker. This includes a photo, social media links, a description, and skills.

Progress tracker
A checklist of data that can be added for an information-rich microsite.

Promotional code
An alphanumeric code that contains special benefits to incentivize people to purchase tickets. In most cases, the benefit will be a reduction in the price and/or access to special ticket classes. Purchasers can enter this code during checkout to get the benefits.

A person who has registered on your microsite but hasn't bought a ticket yet.

Provisioning profile
A collection of digital entities that links a developer and their device to the iPhone Development team. It's required to enable devices for testing.

The act of bringing a microsite online.

Punching reference area
A mark that is indicated on the badge template which will not appear on the actual printed badge. This mark shows where holes will be punched in the printed badge and can be used to align the elements so that they are not cut off during printing.

Push notification
An automated notification sent to the user when the app is not open.

Quick Response (QR) Code
A two-dimensional matrix barcode used to store information about attendees like their name and ticket ID. This information can be read by a QR scanner or the camera of a smartphone during check-in to speed up the process. 

Quick Field
The basic field types that are available in the Form Builder. 

Rebranded app
A white label attendee app that displays an organization's branding instead of Zoho Backstage.

The act of updating your live microsite.

RTE, or Rich Text Editor, is a tool that enables you to format text on your microsite. Options include changing the text weight, color, or font, as well as much more.

Any block that isn't a widget on a webpage of your microsite. Sections can be hidden, reordered, and renamed.

Sender Policy Framework (SPF)
An open, DNS-based email authentication method that allows your email domain to choose which IP addresses can send emails on your behalf. For more information, click here.

A meeting about a subject, during which related ideas are discussed, event objectives are shared, and knowledge is transferred.
For example, seminar, workshop.

Social handle
A person's username or nickname on a social networking site such as Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

Source language
The default language in which your attendees will view the event microsite

A person who speaks at your events.

Splash screen
The screen that appears when an app is launching.

A person or company who provides funding for your event in exchange for promoting their brand name.

A security certificate that ensures that the details shared by users on your microsite are safe. For more information, click here.

A person who supports the organisers by performing event related tasks.
For example, staff may consist of different roles such as volunteers, audio and video technicians etc. 

The internet address at which your event microsites will be hosted. You can get creative with the name.
For example,

A 140-character description of your event that includes search-friendly keywords to make your microsite easier to find in a search.

To Be Announced

A group comprising of members that help manage a portal or run an event. The two types of teams are portal team and event team. The portal team consists of admins. The event teams consists of organizers and speakers for the event.

Template app version
The version of the Backstage app that has been rebranded for organizers and might vary from the version number that has been listed in the App Store or Play Store. This is required to identify the version of the custom app during upgrade and maintenance. 

Terms of use
A legally binding contract between the organizer and other event participants. It contains the rules and regulations relating to the event which all event participants must abide by to take part in the event. This can also be called terms and conditions or terms of service. 

A preset design for your event microsite with an accompanying layout, color palette, font families and weights, and all the essential widgets.

A token purchased by your attendee online, automatically granting them access to your event and its microsite.

Ticket class
A tier or level that a ticket is assigned to based on its price.

Ticket ID
An identification number associated with each ticket sold for your event.

A sequence of related sessions grouped under a tag on your agenda.

TXT Record
A type of Domain Name System (DNS) record that is added to an email's domain for security and verification purposes.

The action of taking down your event microsite from the internet.

No glossary terms for this entry.

No glossary terms for this entry.

No glossary terms for this entry.

No glossary terms for this entry.

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