How to manage ticket registration settings in Zoho Backstage

Managing registration settings

Have general ticket settings for all the ticket classes in an event. Tackle refund requests or cancellations when an attendee chooses to cancel a paid or free ticket. Collect all the details you require during the checkout phase, so you can send out invoices later. Handle email communication by editing emails that will be sent for every ticket related transaction.

Choose multiple payment gateways     

Select the payment gateways that you want attendees to use while purchasing tickets to your event. By default, all the payment gateways that are configured in the portal can be used in your events by attendees. However, you can specify which ones can be used, if necessary. Depending on the payment gateway you choose, the payment method that attendees can use to make ticket purchases will also differ.

  1. Click the Tickets tab in the Microsite Builder.
  2. Click the Payments tab.
  3. Click the Payment gateway setup link in the Payment Gateways section. The Payment Gateway Setup panel will display.
  4. Select the payment gateways that you want attendees to use for ticket purchases in the Payment Gateways section.
    Note: Payment gateways that you have configured in your portal will be displayed in the Payment Gateways section.
  5. Click Done .

Note:  If no payment gateway is selected for your event, then one or more of the configured payment gateways from your portal will be used to collect payments. Depending on the payment gateway that is set, the payment method will vary. 

Set a cancellation policy

Handle cancellations at your event with a refund or cancellation policy.

  1. Click the  Tickets tab in the Microsite Builder.
  2. Click the Cancellation Policy tab.
  3. Select a cancellation policy from the options listed.
  4. Select the Update for all purchasers  checkbox to modify the policy for all purchasers.
  5. Click Done .
  6. Enter a reason for the update in the Update cancellation policy dialog box. This message will be added to the email notification that will be sent to your purchasers.
  7. Click OK .
Note:  When you decrease the duration of the cancellation policy for all purchasers, an email notification will be automatically sent to all purchasers. When you increase the duration, you can select the Send an email notification to purchasers checkbox in the Update cancellation policy dialog box if you want to inform all purchasers.

Customize the registration form

Collect information about your attendees during the registration process, such as their food preferences, contact information, and what activities they are interested in. 

To add a new field 

Insert new fields in your registration form to get further information about your attendees that isn't included in the default form. 

  1. Click the Tickets tab in the Microsite Builder.
  2. Click the Registration form tab.
  3. Click the Edit ticket form button. The the Form Builder will open with the following sections: Quick Fields, Custom Fields, and Preview. 
  4. Drag a field from the Add Fields section and drop it in the  Preview  section of your form.
  5. Click   at the top of the field and drag the field to move its placement in the form.
  6. Click the Publish button to update the changes. 

  1. A form field added to the Ticket section of the form will be repeated for each ticket in the order.
  2. You can add a maximum of thirty fields to your form.

To edit form field properties

Customize the form field to fit your event's requirements and give it a look and feel that matches your event's brand.

  1. Click the Tickets tab in the Microsite Builder.
  2. Click the Registration form tab.
  3. Click the Edit ticket form button. 
  4.  Click the form field you want to edit. The Field Properties panel will appear.
  5. Enter a title for your field in the Title textbox. This is the name of the field as visible to attendees.
  6. Enter a name for your field in the Display Name textbox. This is the name of the field as visible to you in the Backstage app.
  7. Add a description in the Description textbox. This will appear below the field.
  8. Select the Mandatory toggle button if you would like to make it a required field.
    Note: Fields that are mandatory by default can't be made optional.
  9. Choose a single column or two column layout for your field in the Layout section.
  10. Choose to show or hide the field in the Visibility section.
    Note: The default form fields cannot be hidden.
  11. Click the Save button.

To delete a form field

Remove form fields that do not match your event goals.

  1. Click the Tickets tab in the Microsite Builder.
  2. Click the Registration form tab.
  3. Click the Edit ticket form button. 
  4. Click the form field you want to delete.
  5. Click the Delete icon that appears to the right of the field. 

Note: The default fields in the event registration form cannot be deleted.
You can only customize the registration form in the Enterprise and Ultimate plans.

Set registration time limit 

Make your check-out pages secure by setting an expiration time.  

  1. Click the  Tickets tab in the Microsite Builder. 
  2. Click the Advanced Settings tab.
  3. Set a time limit for the registrations in the Registration time limit textbox. The check-out page will expire after this limit, and your attendees will then have to restart the process. 
  4. Click  Done .  
Note: Your event has to be unpublished to activate this option. 

Issuing tickets for orders purchased through offline payments

You can choose to issue tickets for attendees purchased through offline registrations, either when the payment is confirmed or when they register for your event. 

  1. Click the  Tickets tab in the Microsite Builder.
  2. Click the Advanced Settings tab.
  3. Choose when tickets should be issued for offline payments.
    1. Select the On payment confirmation radio button to issue tickets after the payment is confirmed for tickets.
    2. Alternatively, select the On registration radio button to issue tickets when attendees register for the event. 

Check in attendees with incomplete offline payments

In special situations, you can allow attendees who haven’t yet completed the payment for their offline registrations to attend the event. Their order will not be marked as paid but they will be checked into the event. You can collect the payment at a later time.

  1. Click the  Tickets tab in the Microsite Builder.
  2. Click the Advanced Settings tab.
  3. Enable the Allow check-in for unpaid offline registrations  toggle to check in attendees who haven’t completed their payment for offline ticket purchases.

Restrict duplication of attendee details at check-out 

Avoid duplication of attendee details by making it mandatory for purchasers to give unique email addresses for all ticket details in their order. 

  1. Click the  Tickets tab in the Microsite Builder. 
  2. Click the Advanced Settings tab.
  3. Enable the Restrict duplicate attendees  toggle to allow purchasers to repeat their information when buying multiple tickets. 
  4. Click the  Done  button. 

Set up Address Verification Service (AVS)  

 Add an extra layer of security to credit card transactions and limit fraud and chargebacks by enabling AVS for your payments. When you enable it, purchasers will be asked to verify the credit card holder's address as an extra safety measure during checkout. 

  1. Click the  Tickets tab in the Microsite Builder. 
  2. Click the Advanced Settings tab.
  3. Enable the  Address verification service (AVS) settings  toggle.  
  4. Click the  Done button. 
Note: You must enable AVS in Backstage if you've enabled it in your payment gateway. 
You can only handle registrations using Zoho Backstage's ticketing platform in the Enterprise and Ultimate plans. 

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