How to integrate Zoho CRM with Zoho Backstage

Integrating with Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that is used to manage leads and contacts, engage customers, and streamline the different processes in your business. 
Integrate Zoho CRM with Backstage to create and manage your events from CRM, and synchronize attendee details. Events you create in Backstage will be automatically set up as campaigns in CRM. Use these campaigns to track important metrics like the revenue generated per campaign. When someone purchases a ticket to your event, you can also use SalesSignals in CRM to be notified about the purchase. Learn more.

Configure CRM for your portal

Add your attendees and guests as leads or contacts to your CRM by linking your Zoho CRM portal to your Backstage portal. Your events will be created as Zoho Backstage campaigns in Zoho CRM. 

  1. Click the Settings tab in the top bar of your portal.
  2. Click the Integration tab.
  3. Select the CRM tab.
  4. Click the Configure Now button in the Zoho CRM section. The Zoho CRM configuration panel will appear.
  5. Select your CRM portal from the Zoho CRM Organization dropdown.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Choose whether to add users from your Zoho CRM portal as admins to your Backstage portal:
    1. Click the Yes radio button if you want to add a user from your Zoho CRM portal to your Backstage portal as an admin. Next select a user from the list that appears.
    2. Alternatively, click the No radio button if you don't want to add a user from your Zoho CRM portal to your Backstage portal.
  8. Click Next. The list of event participant roles will be listed in the resulting panel. 
  9. Select an option for how you want event participants to be listed in your CRM portal from the respective dropdowns.
  10. Click Next. The way each field form Backstage will be mapped in Zoho CRM will be displayed in the resulting panel.
  11. Click the Finish Setup button.
  12. Click Done to close the panel. The integration will be complete and displayed in Zoho CRM section.

  1. You need a Zoho CRM account with an Enterprise plan to integrate it with Backstage.
  2. Events created before integrating with Zoho CRM should be manually synced.

Manage the CRM integration for an event

Decide which events in your portal should be integrated with CRM. Maintain control over the information sent to CRM by stopping the automatic synchronization of attendee details for individual events and send them manually when you want to.

  1. Click the Settings tab in the top bar of your portal.
  2. Click the Integration tab.
  3. Click the View configuration details link in the Zoho CRM section. The configuration details for your events will be displayed.
  4. Use the toggle in the Event Sync section to enable or disable the CRM integration for that event.
  5. Click the Push to CRM button to send attendee details to Zoho CRM manually.
    Note: It will take around two minutes for your data to appear in your CRM organization.
Note: The attendee details can also be synced by clicking the Push to CRM link in the Attendees tab of the Manage Dashboard in an event.

Sync custom form fields with CRM

Get a complete picture of your attendees by syncing all data collected in the custom fields of the event registration form with your attendee database in Zoho CRM. Depending on how you’ve configured your Backstage–CRM integration, you can select the Leads or Contacts modules to sync attendee data with your CRM organization. If you have synced both your attendees and guests to your CRM organization as leads and contacts respectively, then you’ll have to map the custom field to both modules.

To get the custom field name in Zoho Backstage

  1. Click the Tickets tab in the event’s Microsite Builder. Ensure that you have configured tickets classes for your event.
  2. Click the Registration form tab. The Form Builder will display.
  3. Click the Edit ticket form button.
  4. Click on the custom field you want to map with your CRM organization. The Field properties panel will open.
  5. Copy the name of the field from the Field Name textbox.

To add the custom form field in Zoho CRM

  1. Go to your Zoho CRM account.
  2. Click the Settings icon in the top bar. The Setup page will display.
  3. Select Modules and Fields from the Customization section. 
  4. Select the Modules tab in the right pane.
  5. Click the Menu icon that appears to the right of the required module.
  6. Choose the Layout option from the dropdown menu that appears. 
  7. Click the Menu icon that appears to the right of the Standard option.
  8. Choose the Edit layout option from the dropdown that appears. The Form Builder will appear.
  9. Drag and drop the field type you want to map from Backstage to Zoho CRM from the New Fields section.
  10. Double click on the field to rename it with the same label as the field in the event registration form in Zoho Backstage.
  11. Click the Save button in the top-right corner.

To change the field's API name in Zoho CRM

  1. Go to your Zoho CRM account.
  2. Click the Settings icon in the top bar. The Setup page will display.
  3. Select the APIs option from the Developer Space section. The APIs tab will be selected in the left panel and open in the right pane.
  4. Click the API names tab in the right pane.
  5. Click the module where you've added the form field.
  6. Select the Edit option in the API name column for the field you wish to map to Zoho Backstage.
  7. Add the field name of the custom field in the event registration form in Zoho Backstage as the API name in Zoho CRM.
  8. Click Save

Note: Only users who have permission to create and edit data in the Leads and Contacts modules can map custom fields.

Turn off CRM integration for your portal

Pause the integration and stop further syncing of data by temporarily turning off the integration. All your campaigns will still be in CRM under Zoho Backstage, and the data will be synced only when you enable the connection again. Any campaign you create in CRM will not be synced to Backstage.

  1. Click the Settings tab in the top bar of your portal.
  2. Click the Integrations tab.
  3. Deselect the Portal Sync toggle in the Zoho CRM section. The Disable CRM integration dialog box will appear.
  4. Click OK.

Deactivate CRM integration for your portal

Remove the CRM integration for your portal by deactivating it. When you do this all your Zoho Backstage campaigns will be converted to offline campaigns. 

  1. Click the Settings tab in the top bar of your portal.
  2. Click the Integrations tab.
  3. Select the CRM tab.
  4. Select the Delete option for the CRM integration from the dropdown menu. The Delete CRM integration dialog box will appear.
  5. Click OK.

The Zoho CRM integration is only available in the  Enterprise and  Ultimate plans.

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