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Stage Transition Rules

The sales pipeline is an integral part of any business and the sales reps gather data at different stages of the sales pipeline. Some of the data gathered are key to closing the deal and must be captured by the reps. It is not ideal to make these fields mandatory during deal creation as the reps might not have those information yet. For example, let's say the reps must enter the date the product demo was given in the 'Demo given on' field but it's not possible to mandate this field during deal creation  as the reps might not have the information initially. 
So, to ensure that such key information is not missed out and to maintain consistent data across the pipeline we have Stage Transition Rules in Bigin. 

Stage Transition Rules let you specify the fields that needs to be filled by the users when they move a deal from one stage to another.
By creating transition rules you can,
  1. Improve the process of tracking and capturing key details related to a deal.
  2. Avoid incomplete and bad data in the Deals module.
  3. Maintain consistent information across the Deals module.

Users with administrator profile can create and manage transition rules and restrict deal closure.

Create transition rules  

  1. Log in to your Bigin account with Administrator privilege.
  2. Go to Settings > Pipelines and Stages > Stage Transition Rules.
  3. Select the desired pipeline from the dropdown.
  4. In the Transition Rules tab select the desired pipeline from the Pipeline dropdown and click New Rule.
  5. In the Create New Rule popup, enter the following:
    1. From Stage – Choose a desired source stage from the dropdown.  You can also select Any Stage if you want the fields to be filled out whenever a deal is moved to the To Stage irrespective of the source stage.
    2. To Stage - Choose a destination stage from the dropdown. Whenever a deal is moved to this stage from the From Stage, Bigin will prompt the user to fill the fields specified in this rule.
    3. Fields to be filled – Select the fields that need to be filled out when the deal is moved from the From Stage to the To Stage. You can also select Notes as one of the fields to be filled.
  6. Click Save.
    Once this rule is saved, users will start seeing the below prompt whenever they move a deal between the stages specified in this rule. Users must fill the fields mentioned in the rule in order to move the deal to the destination stage.

  1. You can create up to 30 transition rules for each pipeline. 
  2. Each transition rule can have a maximum of 5 fields to be filled during transition (including notes).
  3. Stages/pipelines associated with transition rules cannot be deleted.
  4. More than one transition rule cannot have the same From and To stage. 

Restrict Deal Closure 

You can restrict a deal from being directly closed from specific stages. This prevents a deal from being closed prematurely and allows a deal to go through all the important stages in the pipeline. For example, you can restrict a deal from directly being closed from the stages 'Not Contacted', 'Qualified', 'Needs Analysis'. These restrictions can be customized for each pipeline.

To restrict deal closure
  1. Log in to your Bigin account with Administrator privilege.
  2. Go to Settings > Pipelines and Stages > Stage Transition Rules.
  3. In the Restrict Deal Closure tab, click +Stage.
  4. Select the stages in the desired pipeline from which deal cannot be closed directly.
  5. Click Save
    Once this is saved, users will start seeing the below message whenever they try to prematurely close a deal from the specified stages.

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