Sending Email from Bigin

Sending Email from Bigin

You can send emails to your customers from Bigin account even without configuring your own personal email. However, the interactions will not be available inside your Bigin account. Once your email account is configured, email interactions with a record will be displayed in the record's details page. You can choose a plain editor or rich editor while composing your emails. Plain editor does not have any formatting whereas rich editor comes with pre-loaded formatting. You can further add URLs, insert HTML, add images, and insert merge fields in your email. 

To send an email

  1. Go to Contacts or Pipelines module
  2. Select a record to which you would like to send an email.
  3. Click  button.
  4. Enter the To email and Subject, BCC and CC.
  5. If you have created an email template, you can click Choose Template button and select the email template. If not, you can continue composing your email.

  6. To insert link, do the following
    • Click the icon.
      You can enter two types of links: URLEmail.
      • URL - Allows you to add an URL to a selected text in your  template.
      • Email - Allows you to add an email to a selected text in your template.

      • If URL is selected, do the following:
        • In the Selected text textbox, enter the text which should be linked to the URL.
        • Enter the URL.
        • Click Insert Link.

      • If Email is selected, do the following:
        • In the Selected text textbox, enter the text which should be linked to the email.
        • Enter the Email.
        • Enter the Subject.
        • Click Insert Link.

  7. To add consent form link, do the following:
    • Click the Down arrow next to the link button.
    • Click Consent Form Link button.

    • In the Consent form link popup, choose the Consent Form Language from the drop-down list.

    • Click Save.

  8. To insert HTML, do the following:
    • Click the  Insert HTML icon.
    • Enter the HTML code.
    • Click Preview to view how the code looks like.
    • Click Insert.

  9. Click Attach File to upload a file as attachment in your email. There are four types of attachments that can be sent:
  10. Upload from this computer: Add any file from your computer as an attachment.
  11. Attach from cloud: Browse files from your cloud-based file management apps like Google Drive or Dropbox and attach them directly to the email.
  12. From this record: Attach files available in the current record's Files related list (Contacts and Deals modules). If you have enabled Bigin's File Cabinet topping, you can add files from the contact's File Cabinet as well.
  13. From Zoho WorkDrive: Attach files from your Zoho WorkDrive account directly to the email.

  14. Click Send.
  1. Emails can't be sent to the records in the Companies module. However, the email communication with the associated Contacts of the Company can be viewed from the Emails related list. You can reply/reply all/forward those emails if IMAP/POP is configured in your Bigin account.

Mass Email Add-on 

By default, Bigin allows you to send 300 emails /day for Premier accounts, and for Express accounts it's 150 emails/day. If you need to send more than 300 emails/day, you can use the Mass Email add-on. 
The Mass Email add-on's goal is to strengthen your teams and accelerate your email marketing initiatives. You can reach more consumers, nurture more prospects, and offer personalized experiences by offering extra email-sending capacity. This add-on opens up a world of opportunities for growth, enhanced communication, and more revenue, regardless of whether you work in sales, support, or marketing.

Pricing details  

Add-on pricing will be $3 USD/unit (1 unit = 100 emails/day). The max add-on limit is 50 units, which comes to 5,300 emails/day.

Add-on can purchased from mass email composer.

You can also upgrade Add-on from Manage Subscription page. 

Example :

If you buy 2 units, you can send 500 emails in one day: 300 (default available emails) + 2 units (200 purchased emails) = 500 emails/day.
An alert box is displayed in case if you run out of emails.

Unsubscribe link is a link added to your email that allows your contacts to opt-out from receiving any emails from your business. When a contact clicks the unsubscribe link, the Email opt-out field for that record in Bigin will be enabled preventing you from including them in further email campaigns.
Though the email address will be considered unsubscribed and emails will be restricted from Bigin, it may take at least an hour for the email opt-out field to be enabled. 
To add unsubscribe link to your emails
  1. Go to the Contacts module > Select the desired contact(s).
  2. Click the Send Email button.
  3. In the email editor, click the drop-down next to the Link button.

  4. Select Unsubscribe Link.

    Unsubscribe link will be added to your email body.
To view the unsubscribed contacts
  1. Go to Contacts module.
  2. Click the view drop-down and select Unsubscribed Contacts view.
    The contacts that have unsubscribed will be listed.

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