Configure Incoming Call Routing

Configure Incoming Call Routing

Define what needs to be done when an incoming call is received. 
Either configure an IVR menu or associate a user to receive the call.
  1. Configure IVR: Interactive Voice Response is an automated system that interacts with prospects on your behalf and allows them to press keys on their phones to respond. Various options can be configured for your customers and the call can be routed to Bigin users based on the callers' key press inputs. You can add multiple users to a menu and can specify the ring type. 
    There are two types: 
    • Simultaneous Ringing: All assigned users will receive the incoming call and any one of them can answer it.
    • Sequential Ringing: The users will receive the call one at a time and if it is not answered, it will be passed to the next user. You can specify the number of rings for a user before transferring the call to the next user. This sequence can also be repeated if needed. 
  2. Associate User: Assign users to answer the incoming call. This will not have any interactive menu. 
IVR Menu Configuration:
Define what will happen based on the caller's keypresses. 
For example, you assign 1 for credit card and a user to answer the call. When a customer calls to inquire about credit cards, they can press 1 and the call will be assigned to the appropriate user. This is level 1 of the configuration.

What if we want to add another keypress input? Keypress 1 is for credit card. When the customer presses 1, they are given the following options:
1 for credit card balance 
2 to generate a new credit card pin
3 to check reward points
4 for application status 


Key press 1 for credit card will be level 1 and the subsequent options will be level 2. You can add up to 5 levels.

When user is busy or unavailable
Specify the action to be performed when the user is busy or unavailable. You have two options:
  1. Send to voicemail
  2. Inform the caller that the user is busy and decline the call
Voice configuration
Specify standard messages for the caller to hear such as welcome message, menu message, message that the user is busy, or message that the user is unavailable. You can either enter the message as text, upload an audio file, or enter the audio URL.

To configure incoming call routing 
  1. Go to Setup and select Phone.
    The Incoming Call Routing tab will be selected by default. 
  2. Click Configure for the phone number.

  3. Choose one of the following:
    1. Configure IVR menu
    2. Associate user
To configure IVR menu
  1. Click the Configure IVR menu radio button.
  2. In the IVR Menu Configuration section:
    • Type the Keypress number. For example, 1.
    • Enter the content in the Menu text box. For example, "Credit Card".
    • Select the Action to be performed from the dropdown list. 
      Choose Configure IVR Menu or Assign User

    • If you assign more than one user to a menu, you can specify the Ring Type.
      Choose Simultaneous Ringing or Sequential Ringing.

    •  Choose the action to be performed when the user is busy or unavailable.
      Choose Send to Voicemail or Inform the caller that the user is busy & decline the call.
Set up Voice Configuration
    • Choose the voice format from Text, Audio File, and Audio URL.
      • If you chose Text:
        • Type in the Welcome Message.
          The message you type here is what your caller will hear.
        • Type in the Menu Message.
          For example, "Please select ${KeyPress} for ${menu}".
        • Enter the Message When User is Busy.
        • Enter the Message When User is Unavailable.
      • If you chose Audio:
        • Choose the audio files for Welcome Message, When User is Busy and When User is Unavailable
        • Enable the Include a file with a welcome message and IVR menus checkbox to add audio for the menu
      • If you chose Audio URL, specify the URL for each audio message.
    • Click Save.  
To associate a user to receive the call
  1. Click the Associate User radio button.
  2. Add the required users.
  3. Choose the Ring Type
  4. Choose what will happen when the user is busy or unavailable.

  5. Specify the appropriate Voice Configuration.
  6. Click Save.

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