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Migrate from Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is great for larger teams looking for extensive customizations and enterprise-class business processes. However, small teams may be looking for a simpler alternative like Bigin. When you decide to switch to Bigin from Zoho CRM, you can import your Zoho CRM data into Bigin in a single click.
Organization with the Premier, Express edition (trial version inclusive) of Bigin or Zoho One edition will be able to migrate data from Zoho CRM.
Only users with Administrator profile can initiate this migration.

Data will be migrated from:
Attachments in Notes
Tags & Custom fields
Record images

The following cannot be migrated to Bigin:
  1. Attachments inside CRM records
Getting ready for migration
  1. Before initiating the migration, the administrator must ensure that the pipelines and stages in CRM are also created in Bigin, so that the data gets transferred to the deals modules seamlessly.
  2. After the migration if the total record count exceeds the 50K limit in Bigin, then you can purchase an additional records add-on to increase the limit. You can purchase add-ons for additional records until you reach 1 million records in Bigin.
  3. Bigin supports 20 custom fields per module from CRM during the migration. Before initiating the migration, if you have already created a custom field in Bigin with the same name and type as that of a field in Zoho CRM, then data in that field will be seamlessly migrated. Otherwise, a new custom field will be created in Bigin during the migration.
  4. Up to 20 tags per module can be imported during the migration.
  5. The number of tags and custom fields that can be migrated depends on the custom fields and tags that you have in Bigin. For example, if you have five tags and six custom fields already created in Bigin, then only 15 tags and 14 custom fields can be migrated from Zoho CRM. 
To migrate from Zoho CRM
  1. Go to Setup > Data Administration > Import.
  2. Select Zoho CRM under the Migrate from Other tools section. The Migrate Data pop-up will display the Zoho CRM organization name from which the data will be migrated.
  3. Click Migrate Now.
  4. You will receive an email notification once the migration is complete.

View migration details  
The consolidated list of data that has been migrated can be viewed from the Import History page in your Bigin account. Details such as the number of records that are added or skipped will be displayed. The reason the records have been skipped in the migration process will be specified. Some of the common reasons include mismatch in data type, format. You can download a copy of these records, fix the errors, and import them in the appropriate module. You can also undo the import to remove all the data that was imported from Zoho CRM.


To view Import history
  1. Go to Setup > Data Administration > Import History.
    Import History will display the number of records that are imported, as well as the user who initiated the migration process.
  2. Click the No. of users link to view the number or records skipped or added

Undo migration
You can also undo the import to remove all the records that were migrated from Zoho CRM.
To undo the migration:
  1. Go to Setup > Data Administration > Import History
  2. Hover over the Zoho CRM row to view the more icon.
  3. Click Undo this import.

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