Managing Profiles

Managing Profiles

Profile helps you define permission to access data for the users who belong to your Bigin account. The data that the users require will be different based on the role they are entitled to. 
This further boosts security as profiles determine the minimum amount of data that an user can access to perform the appropriate job. 

For example, the responsibility of a manager is vast. He/she has to manage the entire organization and thus should own the power to perform the managerial tasks such as adding an user, creating workflows, import and export data, etc. whereas the responsibility of a sales rep centres around communicating with the customer, logging those calls, adding an event with a client, etc. and thus wouldn't need access to sophisticated features and profiles help in granting access to the required data. 

Default Profiles
By default, there are two profiles available. They can be customized but cannot be deleted.
  • Administrator - This profile grants access to all the features in  your Bigin account.
  • Standard - This profile grants limited access to features in Bigin.
Custom Profiles
You can create custom profiles, set permissions of your choice and add users to the appropriate profile. While creating a profile you can clone from Administrator or Standard profile settings. 

Profile Permissions

Profile permissions allows or restricts access to the features in Bigin. The permissions are classified into:
Basic Permissions
Basic permissions deals with the following modules:
  • Contacts 
  • Accounts
  • Deals 
  • Notes
  • Activities
  • Dashboards
You can alter the View, Create, Edit, Delete permissions for the  above modules. 
For dashboards, View and Manage permissions are  only available. 
Scenario: Sales Agents in Zylker Insurance need to view the  record of Deals Won along with the revenue details in the  dashboard. Their role doesn't need them to manage the dashboard  settings. Hence manage permission can be disabled for the Sales Agent's profile. 
Advanced features
Advanced features determines the permissions for certain features in Bigin. Permission to the following features allows you to perform the actions specified below:
  • Workflows - Automate certain actions which could be missed  otherwise, such as following up with a new contact, Assigning task to your users, etc.
  • Webforms - Automatically capture contacts directly from your website into Bigin in a jiffy.
  • User Management - Centre of control for managing users. Users with this permission can add, edit, deactivate users, create roles, profiles and add organizational details.
  • Bulk Action - Perform actions such as Mass Email, Changing Owner, Delete, update the field for a selected group of records in a single click. 
  • Data Administration - Allows you to check the integrity of the data and helps you to keep the data you need.
  • Miscellaneous 
Channels act as a central hub of communication with your contacts in your Bigin account. You can choose to give access to the appropriate channel for a profile. They include
  • Email
  • Manage Social Profiles

Create Profiles

To create profiles
  1. Go to SetupUsers and Control and choose the Profiles tab.
  2. Click + New Profile.
  3. In the Create New Profile page, do the following:
    1. Enter the Profile Name.
    2. Choose the profile you would like to clone in the clone from drop down list.
      By doing so, you are cloning the profile permissions of the chosen profile.  
    3. Click + Description to add a short information about the profile.

  4. Click Save.
To directly clone an existing profile
  1. Go to Setup > Users and Control and choose the Profiles tab.
  2. Hover over the profile you would like to clone and click More > Clone.

  3. Enter the Name and Description and click Save.

View users in a profile

Choosing this option allows you to view the list of users assigned to a profile.
To view users in a profile
  1. Go to Setup > Users and Control and choose the Profiles tab.
  2. Hover over the profile in would like to view the list of users assigned and click More > View Users.

    The list of users in that profile will be displayed.

Delete Profile

To delete a profile
  1. Go to Setup > Users and Control and choose the Profiles tab.
  2. Hover over the field which you would like to delete and click More > Delete.
    In the confirmation window, click Delete.
    Deleting a profile prompts you to transfer the users to another profile before deleting. 

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