Managing Users

Managing Users

Employees in your organization can be added as Users in Bigin, assign them the role that they perform in your organization and choose the appropriate profile which gives permission to access the functions they require.
Users with User Management permission can add or edit users in their Bigin account.

Adding users in Bigin comes under the following cases. 
Case 1: Adding users who are new to Bigin 
Case 2: Adding users who already has an account in Bigin 

Add Users

To add Users 
  1. Login to Bigin with administrator privileges. 
  2. Go to SetupUser and Control > and choose the Users tab.
  3. Click +New user button.
  4. In the Add New User window, do the following.
    1. Enter the First Name and Last Name.
    2. Add the user's Email address.
      Choose the Role and the Profile from the drop down list.

    3. Click Invite User.
      Now an invite is sent to the User. The user will be added to your Bigin account once the invite is accepted.
Last Name, Email, Role, Profile are Mandatory fields.

Edit User Details

Once the User is added to your Bigin account, you can add details such as Mobile Number, Fax, Website, Address information.

To edit User Details
  1. Login to Bigin with administrator privileges.
  2. Go to SetupUsers and control > and choose Users tab.
    Select the user whose details you would like to edit.
  3. The details of the chosen user appears on the right.
  4. Click the edit button. 

  5. In the Edit User window add the details of the user. 
  6. Click Save.

View Users

You can sort the list of users based on their status. The status includes 
  • Active Users - Users who has access to your Bigin account based on the profile chosen.
  • In-active Users - Users who no longer have access to your Bigin account. 
  • Unconfirmed Users - Users who haven't accepted the Invite.
  • Deleted Users - Users who no longer belong to your Bigin account and all the related data will be deleted.

Choose a status from the drop-down list and the users who come under that status will be displayed. 

Re-invite Users  

If the User did not accept the invite request within 7 days, you can reinvite them.  
To re-invite users
  1. Login to Bigin with administrator privileges.
  2. Go to SetupUsers and control.
    You will land in the users tab by default.
  3. Select the User and click the Reinvite button.
    You can also go to the Unconfirmed users view from the drop down list and choose the user whom you would like to re-invite.  

Activate or Deactivate Users

Your business hierarchy is not concrete and tends to change from time to time. Based on that, you can activate or deactivate users from your Bigin account.  

Sophie your Sales Manager has availed Maternity leave for a period of 2 months. In that duration Rachel an existing user is assigned to take up her job as well.  
When such is the case, you can deactivate Sophie from your Bigin account and transfer the ownership to Rachel. 

Deactivating a user means:
  • The user will no longer be able to access your Bigin account.
  • Access to Bigin using the deactivated email is prevented.

To activate a User
  1. Login to Bigin with administrator privileges
  2. Go to SetupUsers and Control.
    You will land in the Users tab by default.
  3. Select the Inactive Users view from the drop-down list.
  4. Choose the user whom you would like to activate.
  5. Click the Activate button.
To deactivate a User
  1. Login to Bigin with administrator privileges.
  2. Go to SetupUsers and control
    You will land in the Users tab by default.
  3. Select Active Users view from the drop down list. 
  4. Choose the user whom you would like to deactivate.
  5. Click the Deactivate button.
  6. Confirm your deactivation in the popup window.

  • You cannot activate or deactivate the Super admin.
  • If you wish to deactivate a user A who is a super admin, then user A should transfer the super admin status to another user. Now you can deactivate user A.

Delete Users

When an employee (user in Bigin terms) is no longer a part of your organization, you can choose to delete them from your Bigin account.
Only Super Admin can delete a user.

After - effects of deleting a user:
  • All the integrations configured by that user will no longer be available.
  • This action cannot be undone.
  • The records that belong to the deleted user will still be intact. It is recommended to transfer the records to another user before deleting
  • A deleted user cannot be re-invited. Adding a deleted user back in your Bigin account will be considered as a new user.
  • If the user utilizes other Zoho services, deletion of that user from the Bigin account will not interfere with other services.  

Transfer ownership before deleting users

Imagine you have a key team member who's relocating to a different department within your organization. As a result, their current role within your company's Bigin account is no longer required. However, they have ownership of several important records in the system, including ongoing deals and activities vital to the sales team's progress. To ensure a seamless transition and data continuity as your organizatino's admin, you need to manage the user's Bigin account appropriately.

In this scenario, you can transfer the ownership of the user's records to another user within the organization before deleting them from the Bigin account. By transferring ownership of relevant records and associated configurations to another team member, you ensure that the ongoing deals and activities remain in capable hands. This way, your organization can maintain operational efficiency and data integrity even as team members move within the company, contributing to a smooth transition of responsibilities.
You have two possibilities while deleting a user:
  1. Deletion without transferring records
    Select this option when the user being deleted has no associated records or configurations within Bigin at that moment.
  2. Deletion after transferring the records
    1. Transfer and then delete all currently open records under the user's ownership. (Note: Closed records that were owned by the deleted user will still display the user's name).
    2. Transfer and then delete any assignment-related configurations within the record, such as workflows, owner assignments, and field updates.
    3. Transfer and then delete all rule-based criteria associated with the user (if the user is a record owner), including custom views and workflows.
    4. Transfer and then delete all email notifications associated with the deleted user. 
To delete a user
  1. Go to Setup > Users and Controls > Users.
  2. Click the More icon and click Delete this user.

  3. In the Delete user pop-up, do the following:
    1. Select Delete without transfer if you don't want to transfer records.
    2. Select Transfer now if you want to transfer users.
    3. In the Transfer to box, select a user from the dropdown list.
    4. Select Record ownership, Owner assignments, and Criteria.
  4. Click Transfer and Delete.

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