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Email-in Topping

Email is the most popular choice of communication used by customers to send in their sales and support enquiries. Customer facing teams gather details from these emails and manually create a record in their Bigin account to follow up with their customers.
We found a way to ease this process and automatically convert these emails into records in your pipeline. The Email-In topping helps you create email aliases for the pipelines in your Bigin account and automatically convert the emails received by these aliases into a new record in the respective pipeline. And, you can directly respond to these email queries right from the record details page.
Let's assume you have two pipelines – Sales and Service. With the help of email-in you can create two aliases for these pipelines - and
When a customer sends an email to that will be converted as a new record in the sales pipeline and the details in the email will be captured in the record.

Similarly, any email sent to will be converted as a new record in the service pipeline.

  1. If the email is from an existing Contact, the pipeline record created will be associated with that contact.
  2. If the email is from a new customer then a contact record will be created with the sender's email address and it will be associated with the pipeline record.


  1. The first email alias is free. Additional email aliases can be purchased at $5/month per alias.

  2. Users with Administrator profile can install Email-in topping and create email aliases.

Configure Email-in 

You can configure email-in for your Bigin account by following these steps,
  1. Install Email-in Topping
  2. Create an email alias

Install Email-in Topping

  1. Log in to your Bigin account with administrator privilege.
  2. Go to Settings > Integration/Toppings.
  3. Search for Email-in > Click Install.

Create an email alias

You can create one email alias for each pipeline. The first email alias is free and additional email aliases are billed at 5 USD/month per email alias.

To create an email alias
  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > Toppings > Email in.
  2. Click Add Email Alias.
  3. In the Create Email Alias window,
    1. Enter the email alias.
      The alias will contain domain. For example, if you enter 'sales.zylker' then the email alias will be
    2. Enter a name for the alias.
    3. Choose a Pipeline from the dropdown to which the records will be added.
    4. Assign an owner to the records from the dropdown list. All the records added via this alias will be assigned to the selected user.
    5. Add relevant Tags, if applicable.
      The chosen tag will be added to all of the records added via this alias.
  4. Click Save.

Once a new email address is added to the organization email address, the corresponding domain is added to the Deliverability settings. You would have to manually verify them to start using the organization email address while sending emails from Bigin. There is a separate column for Email-In domain verification, so there are two columns: one for the primary server and the other for Email-in.

  1. During Email-In's installation process, all active users' domains and confirmed email addresses will be included as custom from addresses for Email-in. Anytime after that, whenever a new user is added to this Bigin account, the new user's email address and confirmed organization emails will also be added automatically.
  2. You can validate the email domains for both the primary server and the Email-In server based on your requirements. For example, if you want to use a particular domain only for sending emails from Email-In, then you can validate that domain for the Email-In server alone. Email addresses whose domains aren't verified are shown with a red alert icon. 

Automatically reopen closed records

Once you turn-on this configuration, pipeline records that have been previously closed, will be re-opened automatically when a customer replies to that record.  For instance, let's say a support request has been transitioned to a closed stage, such as "resolved". If a customer subsequently replies to that email thread, the system will automatically shift the record from the closed stage ("resolved") back to an open stage ("reopened"). 

Example: Let's say a customer submits a technical issue regarding a software product. He reports this issue through email which is created as a ticket in Bigin via Email-In. After addressing the concern, the support team marks the issue as resolved and closes the ticket. A few days later, the customer encounters a similar problem and sends an email to the same thread. With this feature in place, you can configure the system such that it recognizes the customer's email address, recognizes the need for continued assistance, and moves the issue back to an open stage. This ensures that the support team promptly attends to the matter again, rather than starting a new support ticket.

Enabling the reopen closed records option
  1. Go to Setup > Topping > Install the Email-In topping. Create email aliases to receive support tickets through emails.

  2. Toggle on the Reopen closed records on reply option to reopen records.  

  3. Set the open and closed stages. Closed stages refer to the stage(s) from which a record should reopen, and open stages refer to the stage(s) to which a reopened record should move after receiving an email.
    Example: Let's say a support team has implemented a well-structured set of various stages for handling tickets. The primary stages are designated as "open,” which a support ticket enters when it's initially created, and wherein the team addresses the customer's inquiry or issue. Once the support team resolves the customer's problem or query satisfactorily, the ticket proceeds to a "closed" stage, such as "resolved". At this point, the ticket is considered resolved and removed from the active queue. In some cases, the customer may have further questions or issues related to the previously closed ticket. In such instances, the customer replies to the closed ticket, indicating a follow-up question or problem. Bigin will automatically reopen the ticket, moving it back to the appropriate "open" stage—"reopened," say—to receive the support team's attention.
  4. You can choose from various closed stages and then select the particular open stage you wish to transition to.

  5. Click Save. Now, when a record is moved to the "closed" stage and a customer responds to the ticket via email, the reopen closed records feature automatically moves the ticket back to the "open" stage.

Forward emails from your domain email alias

All email aliases created via Email-In will contain the domain (Example: However, if you already own an email alias for your business domain (Example: then you can set up email forwarding with your respective email client to forward incoming emails from your own alias to Bigin. Learn more about it here.

Managing records added via email-in

The emails received by the email alias will be converted as a new record and added to the corresponding pipeline.  Some important points to note about the record details page are,
  1. You can move the record to other stages in the pipeline by clicking the Stage dropdown.

  2. Email conversations made in the same email thread can be found under the Conversations tab in a chronological sequence. New emails outside the email thread will be converted as a new record in the pipeline.

  3. You can reply to the email from the Conversations tab itself.

  4. Similar to Notes in record details page, you will find Comments option in the Conversations tab. These comments are for internal use and other users in your org can be tagged in a comment.

Uninstall Email-in topping  

You can uninstall the Email-in topping from the Bigin account if it is no longer needed. Uninstalling this topping will not delete any previously created record. 
To uninstall the Email-in topping
  1. Go to Settings (  )> Integrations/Toppings.
  2. Click Manage under Email-in.
  3. Click Uninstall.

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