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Integrating with Zoho CRM

Bigin is an easy-to-use, pipeline-centric CRM that helps you manage your business pipelines easily, whereas Zoho CRM is a complete customer relationship solution that helps you take care of your sales process end-to-end. 
You can use Zoho CRM to store all your customer's data, while in Bigin you can create multiple Team Pipelines to manage different customer-facing operations. For example, you could create Team Pipelines to collect testimonials from happy customers, handle service requests, manage order fulfilment etc. In such cases, it's essential to synchronize the customers' details from CRM to Bigin to carry out the processes and to push back the pipeline oriented data to CRM and maintain all the details related to your customer in one place.
With the Zoho CRM integration for Bigin, this two-way synchronization of data is possible. This is specially useful when you have a separate team of field sales reps who may not need access to all the features of a robust CRM. However, it would be essential for them to access just the pipeline records, contacts, associated activities, and pipelines. In such a case, you may find it practical to give them Bigin's access to update pipeline records and contacts, jot down notes, and update the status of follow-up activities. 

Make sure to add a user to both Bigin and CRM for the records to be assigned to the same owners after the sync. When the user is not present in one of the applications, the new records that are synchronized will be assigned to the user who sets up the integration.

Profile Permission:
Users with the Administrator profile and CEO Role in both Bigin and Zoho CRM can set up this integration.

The Zoho CRM integration for Bigin involves the following steps:
  1. Set up the Zoho CRM integration in Bigin
  2. Configure the sync between modules
Set up the Zoho CRM integration in Bigin
You can sync the following modules between your Bigin and Zoho CRM accounts,

Zoho CRM
Contacts & Companies
Contacts & Accounts
Pipelines & Products
Deals & Products

  1. The Contacts & Companies (Bigin) modules and the Contacts & Accounts (CRM) modules must be synced first. The sync configuration for other modules will only be enabled after this is completed.
  2. Additionally, only records that are added or modified qualify for the sync. Deleted records, either in Bigin or CRM will not be synced. For example, if a record is deleted in CRM, it will not be deleted in Bigin.

To set up the integration

  1. Go to Settings (  )> Integrations/Toppings.
  2. From the list of applications, click Setup Now for Zoho CRM.

    Your email address and organization name will be displayed.
  3. In the Configure Modules to be Synced section, click Configure to sync data from Contacts & Companies (Bigin) modules and the Contacts & Accounts (CRM) modules.

  4. In the Map Fields page, perform the following actions for both the Contacts and Companies modules in Bigin.
    1. Choose the CRM list view from the CRM View to be Synced drop-down list.
      The records from the selected CRM view will be synchronized with the respective modules in Bigin. If you alter the criteria of the selected CRM view later on, use the Edit Sync option to sync the records again.

    2. Map the CRM fields with those of Bigin's.
      By default, some fields will be already mapped. Map any remaining custom fields, and make sure to map the mandatory ones. For Activities and Notes, there is no option to map fields. This is because the fields are similar to those in CRM, and the mapping will be done by the system automatically.

  5. Click Activate.
    This will initiate a background sync of all the existing data in both the applications. Any addition or modification of records thereafter will be synchronized automatically. You will be notified once the sync is complete, after which you can configure sync for other modules.

  6. You can synchronize other modules using the process described above.
  1. For the modules, only one CRM list view can be selected for synchronization. 
  2. Because activities and notes are always associated with a contact or pipeline record, there is no option to select a view or map fields while configuring the sync. The only activities and notes that will be synced are those associated to the parent records that are being synchronized.
  3. This integration will not sync Reminders & Repeat option in activities. This is to avoid pushing reminders from both the apps for the same activity. You'll only get reminders from the source application where you created the activity.

Edit Sync Configuration

The edit sync option lets you modify the field mapping or sync the modules with another CRM view. When you sync a new view, the records that were synced previously from the old view will not be deleted. This option is available for the Contacts & Companies and Pipelines & Products sync only. 
To sync another view or change the field mapping
  1. Go to Settings (  ) > Integrations/Toppings.
  2. From the list of applications, click Manage for Zoho CRM.
  3. In the Configure Modules to be Synced section, click the Edit option next to the appropriate module.

  4. Select a different CRM view or make changes to the field mapping, as required.
  5. Click Save.

Deactivate Sync for a Module

When you no longer want to synchronize the records between Bigin and CRM, or just want to pause it for a while, you can deactivate it for the specific modules. Upon deactivating, the records created or edited will not be updated, and the ones previously synced will not be deleted.  

The Deactivate Sync option will not be available for the Contacts and Companies modules, as this is the parent module, and deactivating it would stop the sync for other modules as well.
To deactivate a sync
  1. Go to Settings (  ) > Integrations/Toppings.
  2. From the list of applications, click Manage for Zoho CRM.
  3. In the Configure Modules to be Synced section, click the Deactivate link for the corresponding module.
  4. Click Deactivate.

Reconfigure Sync

After you have deactivated the sync for a specific module, you can sync it again by clicking on the Configure button. When you configure the sync again, you will be presented with the some options that will help you resolve the conflict when the same record is modified in both Bigin and CRM, as some of the records may have been updated on either CRM or Bigin.
To reconfigure a sync
  1. Go to Settings (  )> Integrations/Toppings.
  2. From the list of applications, click Manage for Zoho CRM.
  3. In the Configure Modules to be Synced section, click the Configure link for the corresponding module.
  4. Choose one of the following options to address the conflict when the same record is modified in both Bigin and CRM.
    These options only apply to the modified records with conflict, and not to the newly added records. The new records will be synchronized by default.
    1. Sync the most recently modified version of the record in both sides: Update the record in both CRM and Bigin as per the latest modified version.
    2. Update the record from CRM to Bigin: Update the record in Bigin as per the changes made in the record in CRM.
    3. Update the record from Bigin to CRM: Update the record in CRM as per the changes made in the record in Bigin.
    4. Skip records: Skip updating the records on both sides and retain the older version.

  5. Click Reconfigure Sync.

Delete integration

Users with the Administrator privileges can delete the Zoho CRM Integration from the Bigin account if it is no longer needed. If you delete this integration, the data sync between Bigin and CRM will no longer work. However, deleting this integration will not delete any previously synced data.
To deactivate the Zoho CRM integration
  1. Go to Settings ( )> Integrations/Toppings.
  2. From the list of applications, click Manage for Zoho CRM.
  3. Click the Delete Integration link.

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