Integrating with Zoho Desk

Integrating with Zoho Desk

What is Zoho Desk?

Zoho Desk is a help desk management software for your business that helps you provide solutions to problems faced by your customers. You can manage the support tickets across various channels such as email, phone, web forms, or through social media. Further, various automation tools are available to help speed up the process of problem solving. 

Why Integrate Zoho Desk with Bigin?
Integrating Zoho Desk allows you to manage the support tickets raised by your customers right from Bigin. 


Integrate Zoho Desk with Bigin

When you integrate Zoho Desk with Bign, you can opt for two different ways in which you can enable the data-sync between the two. This allows the Contacts and Companies from Bigin to be in sync with the Contacts and Companies (Accounts) in Zoho Desk. Also, if they have a support ticket, it will be associated with the appropriate record and can be viewed from the record details page.
  1. Two way sync
    The contacts/companies created in Bigin will be synchronized in Zoho Desk and vice versa. After the sync, if the any updates made to the contacts or companies will be captured. 
  2. One way sync
    The contacts/companies created in Bigin will be pushed to Zoho Desk and not the vice versa. Further any updates made to the contacts or companies will be captured. 
  3. No sync
    The contacts or companies created from Bigin will not be synced with Zoho Desk. But, if the same contact or company is present in both the platforms (Bigin and Zoho Desk) and if they have raised any support tickets, then it can be viewed in the record details page.
When any one type of sync is enabled, you have to map the fields in Bigin with the fields in Zoho Desk. This helps you capture the relevant data between the two. 
To Integrate Zoho Desk
You can integrate by selecting the portal that you are part of in Zoho Desk or configure other user's portal.

To configure your portal in Desk
  1. Go to SettingsIntegrationsZoho Desk Setup Now.
  2. Under Desk Account Information, your email will be pre-populated.
  3. Choose your portal from the Portal drop-down list.

  4. Click Next.
  5. Choose one of the sync options available.
    You can choose from:
    1. Two-way sync.
    2. One way sync
    3. No sync.

  6. Click Manage Field Mapping from the Map Fields section.

  7. Map fields in Zoho Desk with the fields in Bigin.

  8. Click Done.
  9. Once all the configurations are done, click Activate.
  1. If you don't have a portal in Zoho Desk, create one in Zoho Desk and choose it for integration.

Configure portal of another user

When you are configuring the portal of another user, you need the email address of the particular portal administrator as well as the ZSC Key.
To get the ZSC Key
  1. Login to Zoho Desk with Administrative privileges.
  2. Go to SetupDeveloper SpaceAPI.
  3. Copy the ZSC key under Zoho Service Communication (ZSC) Key section.
    You can also click Regenerate Key to get a new ZSC key.

To configure portal of another user
  1. Go to SettingsIntegrationsZoho DeskSetup Now.
  2. Click Configure other user's portal.

  3. Enter the Portal Admin's Email Address.
  4. Enter the ZSC key.
  5. Click Next.

  6. Specify the Sync Option and Manage Field Mapping.
  7. Once all the configurations are done, click Activate.

Creating tickets

Once the integration is enabled, a Tickets tab will be available in the record details page for Contacts, Companies and Deals. You can create and manage tickets for any record from the record details page itself.
  1. Only portal admins or users with create tickets permission in Zoho Desk can create tickets from Bigin.
To create tickets
  1. Go to Contacts/Companies/Deals module.
  2. Select a record for which you want to add a ticket.
  3. Click the Tickets tab.
    All the tickets related to the chosen record will be listed.
  4. Click + Ticket to create a new ticket.
  5. Enter the Ticket Information and click Submit.
  1. The +Ticket option will be available in the following cases:
  2. In contacts module, if the contact has a valid email address.
  3. In deals module, if the deal has an associated contact with a valid email address.

Responding to the tickets

You can respond to the support ticket right from Bigin. 
  1. Reply - You can choose Reply if you want to respond only to the person to whom the issue is related.
  2. Reply all - Reply all sends the response to everyone involved in the ticket which involves the emails mentioned in CC as well.
  3. Forward - Allows you to direct the support ticket to anyone of your choice. 
  1. Only portal admins or users with Create Ticket permission in Zoho Desk will be able to respond to tickets. Others will be able to view the conversations. 
To respond 
  1. Go to the record and select the ticket to which you want to respond from the Tickets tab.
  2. Click Reply, Reply All, or Forward icon, enter the content and click Send.

Ticket status

Ticket status field helps you determine the number of tickets that are resolved and the tickets that are open.
To modify ticket status
  1. Go to the record and select the ticket to which you want to modify the Status.
  2. Select the status of the ticket from the drop-down list.
    Click here to read more about adding a ticket status.

Enable Signals notifications

Signals in Bigin notifies whenever certain actions related to tickets are carried out with a record. You can choose to be notified for:
  1. A new ticket
  2. New Comment
  3. New Response
  4. Overdue Ticket
  5. Escalated Ticket
  6. New Rating
  7. Mentions
To enable Signals notification
  1. Go to SettingsSignals.
  2. Enable the appropriate Signals for the Desk Channel and click Save.

Deavtivate Integration

Deactivating this integration will not allow you to create or view tickets from the record details page. But, the tickets you had created earlier will stay intact in Zoho Desk. When you configure the same portal again, the tickets related to the appropriate records will be synchronized and can be viewed from the record details page. 

To deactivate the integration
  1. Go to SettingsIntegrationsZoho DeskManage.
  2. Click Deactivate and give your confirmation in the popup.

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