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Integrating with Mailchimp

Integrating your Mailchimp account with Bigin enables you to use the advanced marketing tools in Mailchimp to send campaigns to your contacts in Bigin. This integration lets you synchronize the audience list in Mailchimp with the contacts in your Bigin account.

Set up the Mailchimp Integration

 To set up the integration,
  1. In your Bigin account, go to Settings > Integrations.
  2. From the list of applications, click Setup Now for Mailchimp.
  3. Authorize the integration by signing into your Mailchimp account.

  4. In the Configure Audience Lists to be Synced section, click Configure to sync data from Mailchimp Audience and Bigin Contacts View.

    Note: You can synchronize up to five Audience lists with a Bigin account.

  5. In the Map Audience and Fields page, perform the following actions for both the Mailchimp Audience and Bigin Contacts View.
    1. Choose the Audience list to be synced from the Mailchimp Audience drop-down list.
    2. Choose a Contacts module list view to be synced from the Bigin Contacts View drop-down list.
    3. Map the Mailchimp fields with those of Bigin's. By default, some fields will be already mapped. Map any remaining custom fields, and make sure to map the mandatory ones.
  6. Click Activate.
    This will start importing contacts from the chosen Mailchimp audience list to Bigin. Any addition or modification of contacts thereafter in the chosen Mailchimp Audience or the Bigin list view will be synchronized automatically between both the applications. You will be notified once the import is complete, after which you can configure sync for other audience lists.

  7. Synchronize other audience lists using the process described above.

  1. During the initial synchronization, all existing Mailchimp contacts will be imported into your Bigin account. But, existing Bigin contacts will not be imported into your Mailchamp account. After the initial synchronization any contacts added to Mailchimp/Bigin will be synced seamlessly across both apps.
  2. During the initial synchronization, any unsubscribed or cleaned contacts in Mailchimp will not be imported in to Bigin.
  3. Mailchimp'S Birthday type fields are not supported in Bigin. As a work around you can map Date type fields instead with Bigin.
  4. While mapping a drop-down field in Mailchimp with a Bigin picklist field, ensure that the same set of drop-down options are available in both Mailchimp and Bigin. Mailchimp will not accept the value otherwise.
  5. The Last Name field is a system defined mandatory field in Bigin. Similarly the Email field is a system defined mandatory field in Mailchimp.
    1. Case 1 : When a Mailchimp contact's Last Name and First Name fields are empty, we will automatically populate the Last Name field in Bigin using the text before '@' in the Email field.
    2. Case 2 : When a Mailchimp contact's Last Name field is empty but has a valid First Name, then we will populate '-' symbol in the Last Name field in Bigin.
  6. In your Mailchimp account if you import contacts into an audience , they will not be synchronized in Bigin as Mailchimp API doesn't notify us about bulk imports. As a work around, you can import them separately in Bigin too.
  7. The Address type field in Mailchimp is a combination of 6 fields - Street Address,Address Line 2, City, State, Postal/Zip,Country. While adding/updating a contact in Mailchimp, you will not be able to save the contact if you try to fill in only some of the address fields. You need to either leave all the Address Fields empty or have to fill them all. Hence, while configuring Mailchimp audience in Bigin, we recommend you to map either all the address fields or don't map any of them at all.In the 'Map Fields and Audience' section you can see that all the address fields are mapped by default except the Address Line 2 field which is not available in Bigin. However you can create a custom single line text field in Bigin to map it with the Address Line 2 field.

Delete integration  

You can delete the Mailchimp Integration from the Bigin account if it is no longer needed. If you delete this integration, the data sync between Bigin and Mailchimp will no longer work. However, deleting this integration will not delete any previously synced data.
To deactivate the Mailchimp integration,
  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > Mailchimp.
  2. Click Delete.


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